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A brief note about the future of Mike and the Big Dog's. Changes are coming so stay tuned for developments.

The Future of Mike and the Big Dog

As many of you know, our Rutgers Football Site is not what I do for a living. This has been a labor of love for me for quite some time but the demands of running this site are just too much, when family and my "real" career are considered. I  will be hanging it up after I complete this next season. I plan to continue for another year so as to make good on all the year long premium subscriptions that have been sold (while I have represented myself to be the publisher)( to ensure that all of
you get what you have paid for. I'm setting my last date as of May 1, 2004.

In the mean time, TheInsiders will be looking into replacement content providers for the site. Big Dog may or may not participate after that date, stay tuned in that regard.

It's my sincere hope that Insiders can bring in solid contributors, so the site does not die.  I just wanted all of you to know this information so if you decide to join our Site, you do so knowing I will not return after May. TheInsiders also wanted all of you to know, that they plan on finding new contributors.
In the mean time, of course, we'll be working to honor the year long subscriptions that have been sold.
I'd like to thank all the people who have became sources of information who helped make this site possible. I'd also like to thank Netwhispers and Dan Welsh for their irreplaceable contributions to the site.
We'd also like to wish all of our supporters and the Rutgers Sports program the best of everything in the future.

Two other items of note: 1. has promised, if we leave after next May and they have not replaced us or the combination of less involvement with other contributors is unsatisfactory to our subscribers, they will refund the unused portion of an annual subscription. and 2. If you are interested in helping with the site, or offering yourself as a significant contributor or partner, please get in touch with Chris Rockwell at at (
Thanks again for your loyalty and enthusiasm and thank you for understanding my dilemma.
Keep checking it out.
Mike Fasano

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