Q&A: Question Time

Rutgers opens the season two weeks from today, so figured it was the perfect time for one of its newest features, a Q&A segment. This complements our current inside-the-program coverage, and gives readers a specific thread for a Q&A. If you have a question about the Scarlet Knights but were unsure of the proper forum to ask it, wonder no more. Now, get ready to ask away.

Welcome to one of's newest features, a Q&A designed to give everyone a chance to ask a question and get an answer about anything Rutgers.

Got a question about the football or basketball programs, or if you have a question about recruiting, just ask it and it will be answered.

Here's how it works:
Ask a question on THIS thread, and I will post a string of answers later in the week. While questions are always welcomed and will always be answered on the premium side as soon as possible, this is the chance for the less timely questions to be asked.
I will lock this particular thread Saturday at 10 a.m. EDT, and then post the answers Saturday afternoon.

This is not in place of anything, but rather in addition to the regular answers provided on the site as well as the chats.

Each question will be answered, provided it is not a duplicate of one asked earlier in the thread. Keeep in mind, though, because of rules covering practice, going into detail about how something or someone looks in practice is not possible.
So, let's get it started, and ask away with some not-so-much time-oriented question.

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