Rutgers Offeree Boe Brand Talks Recruiting

Rutgers continues to recruit receivers, and one player the Scarlet Knights continue to deal with is Boe Brand of Southeast High (Bradenton, Fla.) The 6-foot, 155-pound Brand was offered by Rutgers on Sept. 1, and is sitting on five offers. He talked to about which schools he talks to the most, and once place he wants to visit in the fall.

One of the not-so-publicized receivers on Rutgers' recruiting radar for the last year is Southeast High (Bradenton, Fla.) receiver Bo Brand, who remains in contact with Scarlet Knights assistant coach Chris Hewitt.

Brand, who is 6-foot, 155 pounds, had a stellar sophomore season but hit a bit of a plateau as a junior, but remains in the crosshairs of a pair of Big East programs …Rutgers and South Florida.

Brand, who was offered by Rutgers on Sept. 1, also holds offers from Illinois, Bowling Green and Florida International, but said he is hearing the most from the Scarlet Knights and the Bulls.

"I talked to (Rutgers assistant) coach Chris Hewitt," Brand said. "He's telling me that's a good school to come to, and telling me what's going on and what life is like there.

"I haven't been there, but I plan on taking a visit. Maybe during the season, maybe during a bye week or something."

Brand moved quickly onto the recruiting scene when he caught 31 passes for 465 yards as a sophomore. He grabbed 40 for 700 yards and eight touchdowns, and Rutgers has been a constant during his recruitment.

"I know it's one of the top schools in academics, and with people graduating," Brand said. "I watched a couple of their games. It's a nice program. I see a lot of people come to their games. I like he stadium, and I like that they throw the ball a lot, too. I also like the quarterback (Tom Savage) they've got. He's going to get it done there."

Brand's contact with South Florida is a little less regular, and he is yet to have an in-depth conversation with new coach Skip Holtz.

"I talked to the receiver's coach," Brand said. "I really didn't get a chance to talk to the head coach, but I got a chance to speak with the receivers coach."

Although Brand's build is a bit slight, he doesn't mind going over the middle to make catches. In fact, that is one of the areas of his game he worked hard to improve in the offseason.

"Catching the ball in traffic, that's what I'm working on right now," he said. "It's doing concentration drills. My route-running is something I'm good with."

Brand is also a strong leader for Southeast High, and will serve as one of its captains for the upcoming season.

"I want the whole team to come together and be a family, and come out with a big bang," he said. "If that happens, we'll come out on top. If the team comes together, everything will be good. I'm a big leader on the team. If I see someone slacking off or talking the wrong way, I just tell them to chill out. I keep everything positive."

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