Herve to stay

After a year in which he showed great improvement in  his game, Herve Lamizana has decided to forgo the NBA draft and continue on with another year at Rutgers. In a prepared statement Lamazana said:

"I have spent the past few days having many discussions with my families, in both Africa and America, as well as Coach Waters, the coaches and my teammates," Lamizana said in the statement. "After much thought, I have decided to continue my education and basketball career at Rutgers University. I am looking forward to achieving my goals, both on and off the court, as a member of the Rutgers basketball family."

Lamizana averaged 10.6 points per games and 6.4 points per game for Rutgers this year. He hit over 37% of his shots from three point range.

Lamazana is an incredibly gifted athlete with clear NBA potential but a real need for additional bulk and college experience to make him ready for the pros. A desire to help his family in the war torn Ivory Coast had him strongly considering entering the draft early. A recent calming of the conflict in that cournty may have affected his decision to stay at Rutgers for another year.

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