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PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers is ready to practice in full gear, and red-shirt cornerback Logan Ryan is excited for it so he can show how his game has changed. Also, there is playing time to be had in the Scarlet Knights backfield, and running back Mason Robinson is healthy and ready to factor into it. Check it out at

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – The NCAA-mandated acclimatization period is over and Rutgers will be in full practice gear Wednesday.

Red-shirt freshman Logan Ryan cannot wait for it.

As he competes in training camp for one of the starting cornerback positions, the 6-foot, 195-pounder believes there is one thing above all he needs to improve on.

"I think I need to get more physical," Ryan said. "I think I need to get the pads warmed up, and when you get the pads on, you can always get more physical. … I need to become a better tackler."

Junior David Rowe is an incumbent at corner and senior Brandon Bing is also competing for a starting spot.

Ryan is gifted athletically, with a smooth stride and fluid hips. His size stands out against cornerbacks, but he lacks experience after spending last season on the scout team.

But as soon as 2009 ended, Ryan noticed a difference in the way he needed to approach football.

"It's paying a lot more attention to detail," Ryan said. "When you're red-shirting, you don't have to prepare for a game, but when you have competition for a job and you're looking forward to playing, you definitely have to take things in more.

"It's film, footwork, practice. Everything is just that much more important. I'm stressing everything even more."

After each practice the coaches go over film with the players, and Ryan said he then watches daily cut-ups of his practice performance.

"It's been pretty good," Ryan said. "I'm trying to be a starter, and I'm hanging with those guys. I just don't want to let those guys down. I'm trying to play to their level."

Ryan added a key to playing well is understanding the 1/11th mentality of a defense.

"It's knowing my job, handling my responsibility and not trying to make plays that are not mine," Ryan said. "I'm trying to know the defense and bring a lot of hustle and energy to the field."

Robinson's Recovery
There are carries to be had in the backfield, but Mason Robinson isn't worried how it will work out between himself, Joe Martinek, Kordell Young, DeAntwan Williams and a number of freshmen.

He's just glad to be back after suffering a season-ending knee injury in last year's season opener. "When you get something that you really love taken away from you, it stinks," Robinson said. "I just thank God I'm able to get a second chance and it's not something where I couldn't ever do it again."

Robinson did double duty in the offseason in rehabbing his knee. He worked closely with the Rutgers training staff, and then once he was cleared for more exertion, he also worked out with his older brother, Mylyn.

"My brother, he doesn't hold back," Robinson said. "He makes the workouts purposely hard. And complaining is only going to make it longer."

On the field, Robinson is glad to return to the backfield. He switched to receiver last season after spending his first two years in the program at running back.

So, when it comes to potential carries, Robinson is stressing how he will fit in.

"That's a decision of the coach," he said. "I just want to come out here and do the best I could. I'm not trying to get my mind to how the running back situation is going to line up. My mindset is to go hard, and we'll see wherever that leads me."

Leading material In fact, red-shirt sophomore tight end D.C. Jefferson said he gets motivation from watching Carrezola compete.

"He's a very tough person," Jefferson said. "If anything goes wrong, he doesn't let it affect him. He motivates me a lot. When things get tough, he's like ‘C'mon, D.C. We need you. C'mon.' "

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