Getting to Know ...DE Jonathan Freeny

PISCATAWAY, N.J. --'s newest series is designed to give Rutgers fans a different type of look at young men who play for the Scarlet Knights. A week ago we asked for non-football-related questions from the fans, and 10 were chosen and asked to defensive end Jonathan Freeny. The senior defensive end gave his thoughts on his favorite holiday, his pre-game ritual, Twizzlers and more.

Welcome to's newest feature, a weekly light-hitting Q&A with one of the Rutgers players.
This feature is designed to give fans a different look at the players they cheer for, and a little more insight into their personalities
Last week we asked for your questions, and selected 10 of them and took them to Jonathan Freeny.
Please enjoy the inaugural edition of the newest feature on

1. Favorite Holiday? Why?
Favorite holiday is Christmas. My parents always stressed a lot it was a holiday to give as well as receive. I remember when I was six years old, I got a Ninja Turtles training wheel bike that I always wanted. That bike was my favorite Christmas gift.

2. How much time do you spend on College Ave. compared to the other campuses?
Most of the time I spend on College Ave. is just for classes. Most of my other time is spent at the Hale Center or back at my room.

3. Funniest guy on the team?
Funniest guy on the team …I'd have to say D.C. Jefferson. He's always cracking jokes, always being a clown.

4. What is your pre-game meal? Halftime snack?
Pre-game I will always have steak, mashed potatoes and rice. That's mostly what I eat before a game. During the game, you come back to the locker room and they always have a little snack, like fruit and pretzels.

5. Who has the strangest pre-game ritual?
That's a hard one. To tell you the truth, I haven't seen anyone do anything too strange since I've been here. I remember last year when I was a roommate with George Johnson, every night before the game coach would come by and leave Twizzlers in my room, and he wouldn't eat them until after the game. That's the only thing I can remember.

6. Which could yells the loudest?
I'd say (receivers) coach (P.J.) Fleck. He's a high energy guy, always running around. Most definitely coach Fleck.

7. Who's the strongest player?
Charlie Noonan. His bench is crazy. His squat is crazy. He's just a real strong guy.

8. Favorite athlete growing up? And team?
Favorite team growing up was most definitely the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My favorite athlete when I was younger used to be Warren Sapp. Watching Warren Sapp when I was growing up, he just inspired me.

9. Xbox, Wii or PS3?
Xbox 360 because that's what I have. That's the game I play the most. Favorite game is NCAA football.

10. What's your pre-game ritual?
I always do the same thing. I always get taped by the same person, do the same things once I get to the Hale Center. I put on my pads and my uniform first, get taped and then come back and pray.

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