2012 Montclair Lineman On Rutgers' Radar

MONTCLAIR, N.J. -- ScarletReport.com went on the road this week to check out the talent at Montclair High, and got a look at a rising class of 2012 lineman who made two recent trips to Rutgers practices. Julian Pinnix, who is 6-foot-5, 265 pounds, talked about his visit to Rutgers, talked about his camp schedule and also gave insight to how his season should be different than 2009.

MONTCLAIR, N.J. – A strong contingent of prospects in the 2012 class reside in North Jersey at Montclair High, and arguably atop the list is lineman Julian Pinnix.

The 6-foot-5, 265-pound Pinnix plays defensive tackle, defensive end and on the offensive line for the Mounties, and is getting interest from a number of schools, including Rutgers.

In fact, Pinnix was part of the Montclair High contingent to visit the Scarlet Knights twice during training camp.

"We went down there and we were checking out the college atmosphere," Pinnix said. "I've been to Penn State practice, been to Rutgers practice. I like the intensity of the drills. The players are into it, the coaches are into it. I like the coaches are fired up."

Pinnix is a player the Scarlet Knights have already scouted and are impressed with, first-year coach John Fiore said, but the rising junior is just getting to know the program.

"I don't know a whole lot about them," Pinnix said, "but I know Rutgers is a great football program from watching them on t.v."

Pinnix plays defensive tackle with a strong base and possesses strength, but he is learning how to play with a lower pad level. He gets off the ball well and is athletic, which is shy schools could begin targeting him as an offensive tackle.

During the summer, Pinnix hit the camp circuit and went to Penn State, Temple and Connecticut.

"I learned technique, and how different coaching philosophies are, and just different ways to go about the game," Pinnix said. "It really was nice to see."

Pinnix is also adjusting to the intensity of his new coach, which he described as a welcomed change.

"He's adamant about everything we have to do," Pinnix said. "Everybody, the second string, the third string, we're always working. There's nobody too good not to do anything."

After a 3-7 season and with plenty of talent at the skill positions, Pinnix said a change in attitude has worked its way through the Mounties locker room.

"(Fiore) brought that losing isn't good enough," Pinnix said. "It's not come to practice and say, ‘ok, that wasn't a bad practice.' It has to be a good practice. You have to be better and better and better. Being mediocre is not good enough."

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