Practice Notes: Harrison, Recruiting, etc.

PISCATAWAY. N.J. -- Rutgers held its final practice before Thursday's season opener against Norfolk State, and afterward coach Greg Schiano updated the injuries, talked about whether the Scarlet Knights would be out recruiting over the weekend and also discussed the exploits of receiver Mohamed Sanu. Also, receiver Mark Harrison is back from a head injury, and ready to show his growth from 2009.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Mark Harrison's physical talent is evident, but he quickly learned there was much more to being successful than that, which is why he feels like he is much more prepared entering his sophomore season.

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound Harrison, who made five catches for 83 yards as a freshman, spent a lot of the offseason with receivers Mohamed Sanu and Tim Wright to learn how to get ready for practice, and games.

"They're mature players," Harrison said. "I can learn a lot from them. They help me out. I learned a lot of new habits and I see how that (transfers) onto the field. It's getting more organized, coming in and watching film and knowing what to watch, it makes you a lot more comfortable getting out on the field."

Harrison will begin his second season Thursday (7:30 p.m.) against Norfolk State at Rutgers Stadium after returning to practice Monday. He missed a week of practice after landing on his head in a scrimmage.

"I'm executing plays a lot harder and coming out and knowing my plays and being more comfortable," Harrison said. "Now, you know the concepts so it's just executing the proper way. You have to know your techniques, so I definitely studied more than I did last year.

"I think I've grown the most with getting in my playbook more and knowing and being more comfortable on the field."

Harrison added he wasn't concerned about being ready for the season, and he used the down time during his injury to learn the playbook even more.

"I had to study two times harder than I normally do just so I could stay on top of my game for when I do come back," Harrison said. "I feel great. I'm excited to play. The time was what I thought. I just had to wait for a few of the symptoms to go down, and I'm back now and ready to go."

Recruiting weekend
With the season underway and the Scarlet Knights playing Thursday, it means the coaching staff has the opportunity to go out and watch high school games Friday and Saturday to scout recruits.

But Rutgers coach Greg Schiano wasn't ready to say if the Scarlet Knights will use the weekend to go out.

"There's a plan in place. We have to see," he said. "There are two plans, one to go out, and one not to."

Sanu's speciality
Sanu is coming off a 51-catch freshman season in which he also ran for 346 yards and five touchdowns, and Schiano spoke about a few of the elements that makes him such an offensive weapon.

"He is a special athlete, very talented, and he's just a gym rat," Schiano said. "He just loves sports. He loves the camaraderie, the practice, the training. He's really into it. He lives it."

Sanu arrived at Rutgers as a safety, but has excelled at receiver. So, could his best position be safety?

"I think the best position is whatever he decides to play," Schiano said. "He'll be very good at whatever you put him at."

Injury report
An agreement among Big East coaches calls for an injury report two days before a game. Here is Rutgers' injury report for Thursday's game:

Steve Shimko (upper body)

WR J.T. Tartacoff (lower body), RB Kordell Young (lower body)

RB Casey Turner (lower body), WR Quron Pratt (upper body), FB Robert Joseph (lower body), WR Phil Lewis (upper body)

Out for season
LS Robert Horrell (knee) and WR Tim Wright (knee)

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