Notes: Savage, D.C., Recruiting Florida

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers quarterback Tom Savage believes his biggest area of improvement for the second week of the season is accuracy. The sophomore quarterback talked about that after a recent practice. Also, tight end D.C. Jefferson is gaining comfort and confidence at his semi-new position. So, how does he become move involved in the passing game? Also, the merits of playing at FIU.

PISCATAWAY – Rutgers quarterback Tom Savage watched the film from the season opener and knows what he must improve upon for Saturday's game at Florida International.

"Just accuracy," Savage said. "Realistically, after watching the film, I honestly could have went 16 for 18 for the game. Accuracy is definitely the biggest key for me to work on after that game. That's pretty much it."

Savage went 10 of 19 for 148 yards and a touchdown against Norfolk State, and as has been his early calling card, he took care of the football and didn't commit any turnovers.

The long weekend gave Savage time to think about how to relax more heading into a game, which is something he plans to implement against the Panthers.

"I hear all the time people telling me to slow down," Savage said. "I always think every game is a national championship, and really it is, but I just have relax out there and have fun. I did a lot of thinking after the game and realized it's football. You have to go out and have fun. You can't really press it too much."

Savage said the corrections to his erratic delivery can be easily remedied by moving his feet, turning his hips or throwing with the proper arm angle.

"I wasn't disappointed because I didn't make any mental mistakes, I didn't force anything, I didn't throw anything into bad coverage," Savage said. "Everything was stuff I do over and over again. One got batted down and one I threw away."

There is the idea Savage is a seasoned veteran because he has more experience than any other Big East quarterback, but he is still in only his second season.

His first career start came less than a calendar year ago, and his first Football Bowl Subdivision start came against Florida International. He finished that game 11 for 28 for 185 yards, but also was knocked from the contest late because of a head injury.

Now, there is some uncertainty with the Panthers' defense. Geoff Collins is in his first year as FIU's defensive coordinator after spending two seasons coaching linebackers at Central Florida.

"Honestly, there's uncertainty in every game," Savage said. "Any team can game plan against you and throw some different things you're never seen, so that's why we prepare like the way we do.

"We have rules that we have to go through, and no matter what they throw at us, we have different answers."

Showing a glimpse
Rutgers coach Greg Schiano talked time and again about the potential of tight end D.C. Jefferson, whose lone catch in the opener went for 25 yards. The 6-foot-6, 258-pound Jefferson caught the ball heading toward the sideline and then continued up field.

It offered a glimpse of Jefferson's skill level, but the question is how he becomes more involved in the offense?

"I would say that whatever comes to me, catch it, and as far as my route-running, get that down pat," Jefferson said. "And whenever I get the chance to go one-on-one, to break it."

Jefferson, who moved from quarterback a year ago, also showed a markedly improvement in his blocking.

"Everything was slower," he said. "I was comfortable with what I had to do. There were times I was blocking somebody, and I wasn't even thinking about blocking. I'm having fun. I don't have to think."

Recruiting Florida
There is a reason Schiano plans to bring as many Florida kids as possible to the game, and that is to use the trip to Miami as a recruiting tool.

The Scarlet Knights have 17 players from Florida on the roster, and already have commitments from a pair of Florida kids in Cocoa High's Chevelle Buie and Miami Central's Marquis Lucas for the 2011 class.

"We're excited we get to play two times in the state of Florida this year," Schiano said. "We're always going to have a recruiting presence in the state of Florida. We have a number of kids on scholarship in our program from there now. We've been as high as 30.

"It's a very important area, and I really fell in love with the passion that the young people in the state of Florida play the game of football with, and when we came to Rutgers we made that a priority, and it remains a priority (to) recruit the area. We try to do as much as we can to be present down there. I think it helps."

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