Hawkins talks Hawks, recruitment

HAMPTON, Va. –DC Assault is coming off about as good of a weekend as an AAU program can possibly have. All four age groups at The Hoop Group Southern Jam Fest were won by DC Assault. It was a clean sweep at the U14, U15, U16, and U17 divisions. One player who helped bring home the title at the top age group was Byron Hawkins, a 6-foot, 170-pound point guard in the class of 2015.

Hawkins was originally a 2014 recruit, but he is making the move 2015 and transferring from Good Counsel (MD) to Vermont Academy (VT).

"It's a part of getting into the school," Hawkins said of why he is reclassifying, "and I'm going up there with [DC Assault teammate] Hassan Hussein, he goes there now. It's a part of getting into the school, how they want to have a two-year kid. It's harder to get into the school as a one-year kid."

As for his recruitment, Hawkins said he holds offers from George Mason, Delaware, Fairfield, George Washington, Towson, St. Joe's and "schools like that."

He mentioned that there are no colleges involved with him who have yet to offer a scholarship.

At this point, Hawkins has visited George Mason, George Washington and Delaware. He has no other trips planned.

Additionally, Hawkins does not have any favorites right now.

"No, not really, it's open," he said. "Definitely since I'm taking this jump down to 2015, just keeping it all open and [I will] see what my opportunities are."

Hawkins also does not plan on make a decision any time soon, saying, "I'm probably [going to] wait it out. Since I'm 2015, I'm probably going to wait it out."

While a decision might not be coming in the near future, Hawkins does know what he is looking for in a school.

"Definitely just a good environment where [they have good] academics and stuff like that and then definitely where I fit in with my style of play," Hawkins said.

He went on to discuss exactly what playing style he is looking for.

"Getting up and down," Hawkins began, ball screens, where I can find my teammates and [create] for myself. Stuff like that." Hawkins said that the St. Joe's coaches are letting him know that they have a style that fits what he is hoping to find.

"Yeah, definitely they've been talking about that," Hawkins said. "They let their point guards [get] in pick and roll situations and they spread the floor a lot. That's what they're telling me."

The primary recruiter from the St. Joe's staff in the pursuit of Hawkins has been assistant coach David Duda.

"That's the person recruiting me and he came up to my school earlier in the year and he offered me then," Hawkins said.

The backcourt prospect talked about his relationship with Coach Duda.

"It's cool," Hawkins said. "He talks to me, just asking me things I'm working on and things like that."

In addition, Hawkins provided his thoughts on the head coach of the Hawks.

"Coach [Phil] Martelli is a good coach," Hawkins began. "They did a good job this year. They didn't get invited to the [NCAA] Tournament, they were upset, but they had a great year."

Hawkins went on to confirm that he is "interested in St. Joes'" and also talked about the type of player he is on the hardwood.

"I see myself as a point guard," Hawkins said. "I find myself playing the two a little bit [with DC Assault], combo with [Ro]melo [Trimble]. He's going to Maryland."

Of his primary strength as a player, Hawkins commented, "Definitely my scoring. I can say my scoring is my strongest part. I'm just trying to work on my leadership skills and point guard skills."

Regarding what area of his gain is in the most need of work, Hawkins said, "Weakest part probably is my strength, just need to get stronger."

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