Cassity/Conklin: UMass Review and SBU Preview

Cassity and Conklin discuss the loss against UMass and the upcoming game against St. Bonaventure tomorrow night.

There isn't a whole lot to differentiate amongst the teams in the Atlantic 10 right now. Seniors Kyle Cassity and Brian Conklin are well aware of this.

"You're either tied for first, you're one game out of first, or you're two games out of first," Conklin said. "That's really what the league boils down to right now. Every team you're playing has either beat someone you lost to or you're about to play that is tied for first."

Such was the case when the Billikens took the floor against Xavier and yet again against UMass. The latter of which was a "black eye".

"You give them that first one, they have that confidence," Conklin said. "In the second half, there were just a couple boneheaded plays that happened over the last six minutes."

After trailing by 19 points at half, a miracle was needed for a comeback, and the Billikens almost had it. Free throw issues, however, derailed that plan.

"I don't know what the deal was with the free throw thing," Conklin said. "I mean those rims were really forgiving, but we didn't get any of the bounces. I know I had two that just rimmed in and out."

Now the Billikens look forward to tomorrow night against another conference-leading squad in St. Bonaventure.

"We got two here straight at home and we've got to win them," Cassity said. "Especially against teams that are at the top of the conference. That's where we want to be, that's where we expect to be."

With nothing decided yet in the A-10 standings, the Billikens just have to keep plugging away.

"It's still up in the air," Cassity said. "There's not a clean-cut winner of the conference already. . .Everybody is losing, everybody is winning. Maybe 11-5 would get you in the top four, for sure."

At 4-3 in conference play, the road to 11-5 will need to start tomorrow with a victory.


-"Not a Gronkowski sprain," Conklin said referencing the Patriots' tight end. "I was pump faking a pass, and I just stepped and it came over the top of it." -Practice was "long but good" yesterday according to Conklin. He said St. Bonaventure has a lot of plays that go to Nicholson, but he feels that SLU is ready. -Conklin compared Conger a lot to Dwayne Evans. Said he can attack the rim and rebound well offensively.

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