Conklin Talks NBA Workout

Former SLU forward Brian Conklin worked out with the Denver Nuggets today. He spoke to about the experience.

After an impressive senior season at Saint Louis University, Brian Conklin has continued his dream of playing professional basketball. On Wednesday, he worked out with the NBA's Denver Nuggets.

"My agent found it for me," Conklin said. "I was in the Oregon Duck locker room because I have been working out with them and I just jumped up and just started chest-bumping E.J. Singler. It was just pretty cool to get that first experience and just being able to say you had an NBA tryout. It was definitely a cool feeling."

Conklin, a power forward, worked out with shooting guards and small forwards during today's session.

"It wasn't too bad," Conklin said. "I did pretty good on the tests and the other stuff that we did. In the 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3's, I actually did alright for myself. I had to get used to it and get my second wind because the altitude up there in Denver was just like when we played in New Mexico. Once I got my second wind, I was good. It was fun, you know, I was probably in the middle of the pack. I wasn't a standout, but I wasn't the worst guy there, so it was cool."

From here, it's a waiting game while the NBA teams go through the draft process and then look for players to fill Summer League teams.

Despite the fun times of today, Conklin still has his sights set on going overseas to continue a career playing basketball, instead of attempting the NBA route at this time.

"I'm definitely focused on going overseas," he said. "It would be nice to play in the Summer League to get the experience, but I've got a wedding during the middle of Summer League and I've got a bunch of other stuff coming up so if I don't make the Summer League team, I won't be heartbroken."

Although he likely won't be suiting up in the NBA next season, this workout could give him some ability for other overseas teams to take notice.

"You can use [the workout] as leverage," Conklin said. "Hopefully a team overseas sees that I had a couple NBA workouts and maybe I can get a chance to go to another workout. If so, I'll be more prepared next time because I know what the situation is like."

In the months following his departure from SLU, he's being working a lot more on his game to improve for the next level.

"I'll probably still be a power forward overseas just because there are so many different leagues," Conklin said. "I need to find the right team that fits my style, but if I did need to make the transition to small forward, I think I could do that. . .I've been just trying to get a lot of reps up and just shooting. Working on my 1-on-1 game from the perimeter and scoring off the dribble. I'm definitely a better shooter now."

He's sure to have a busy couple of months coming up, but a professional career is well on its way to success.

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