Big East Looking to Split

As has been expected, the Big East is on the verge of breaking up. Here's the latest on where things with the Big East stand, as well as the impact the split could have on Xavier.

It looks like the inevitable end of the Big East is finally upon us. Multiple major media outlets are reporting that the seven Catholic Big East basketball schools have decided to leave the conference.

The move is expected to be announced sometime Thursday afternoon, though sources say the officials from those seven schools still have plenty of details to work out, including what happens with Big East naming rights, exit fees and NCAA tournament bids/units.

One thing that is certain though, Xavier will definitely be involved in conversations about the next move for those seven schools.

Though media outlets reported earlier in the week that the Big East was likely to dissolve, it now looks more likely that the seven basketball schools will break away from the football schools.

Instead of joining the A-10, the seven will probably look to add a few schools to their strong core and form a new conference. The amount of teams they would look to add is unclear, as are which teams they'll pursue exactly, though Xavier has been one of the top names thrown around in just about every scenario. Fellow Atlantic-10 members, Butler, St. Louis, Dayton, VCU, Richmond and St. Joe's are other possibilities that may be considered.

MusketeerReport has heard rumblings that Xavier, Butler and Saint Louis are the three schools being targeted for sure, though no official word has been released on any negotiations.

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