Keith Carter Explains Transfer

Freshman guard Keith Carter spoke to on Friday evening about why he transferred and what his next step will be.

Just two days removed from scoring six points in 21 minutes of action, Saint Louis freshman guard Keith Carter decided to transfer from the university.

Carter appeared in just three games during his short Billiken career, which was derailed when he strained his foot in the Santa Clara game.

"It's nothing against the coaches," Carter told "I just felt with the injury I needed more time. . .I wanted to redshirt."

Because Carter had already played in several games before then, he was unable to receive that benefit. A medical hardship waiver could've been applied for, but the two parties couldn't reach a mutual decision.

"Since [Kwamain Mitchell] was hurt, we didn't have many guards," Carter said. "They were trying to do what was best for the team, and trying to do what was best for me. We just couldn't come to one decision."

The decision was made "a couple days" before the Billikens' win on Wednesday over Eastern Illinois, but Carter said the coaching staff encouraged him to stay and play in the hopes that he might try to stick it out.

"It's just unfortunate," Carter said. "It hurt very bad and it's not something I could play through. I wanted to redshirt, but now I'm going to try to play somewhere else."

He has yet to receive his official release, so he hasn't spoken to any schools. He said he would like to have things cleared up within the next few weeks.

"I played better in practice but I knew I wasn't going to be right," Carter said. "I had absolutely no problems with the Coach [Jim] Crews or the coaching staff, this was just the best decision for me. I just need some time off."

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