Pre-Peach Jam Workout: Tatum and Barnett was on hand to watch two of the top players in the St. Louis area workout. 2016 Jayson Tatum and 2014 Jordan Barnett spent time with WITTS trainer Corey Frazier in preparation for Peach Jam. Both players are being recruited by SLU.

Several years ago, basketball coach and former Saint Louis University player Corey Frazier saw a void that needed to be filled. Players in the St. Louis area were not working hard on their games, and thus WITTS (Whatever It Takes To Succeed) was formed.

Two of the top players in St. Louis, 2016 phenom Jayson Tatum and 2014 wing Jordan Barnett work out with Frazier and did so last week in preparation for the Peach Jam.

The WITTS program has developed into one of the top AAU programs in the city as well with several top talents matriculating through their youth system.

With Tatum and Barnett both getting ready for the July Live Recruiting Period, was in attendance for the workout and shot the following video clips:

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