JUCO big man talks SLU

Saint Louis is in need of a 5-man and have targeted one hefty JUCO player. He spoke with BillikenReport.com about his recruitment.

It wasn't all that long ago that Kaylen Shane had just a couple of offers and opted for John Logan Junior College.

Now, the six-foot-nine, 270-pound behemoth has upwards of 20 offers and colleges coming in, calling, or sending information every day.

"It's really crazy," he said. "It's a big change from high school, but people that know me know that basketball is my life."

Saint Louis stopped in on Tuesday and has been in a couple other times already. Additionally, Wichita State, Washington State, Purdue, UAB, Butler, and others are schools that have taken the time to trek to Logan to see Shane.

So what kind of player is he? Why are schools coming out in droves?

"My back-to-the-basket game has gotten way better," he said. "I'm a true 5. I know I still need to work on using my face-up game more but I will get there. I need to work harder to polish it and be confident."

Conditioning is also something that has improved greatly since his high school days.

"I'm now able to get out and defend guards in the pick-and-roll," he said. "I have fast enough feet to be able to do so."

While he doesn't have any visits set up yet, Shane said he would like to get to a couple different schools over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods before ultimately choosing a school some time in early 2014.

"Location doesn't matter to me," he said. "It could be Hawaii or Illinois. Just something I'm comfortable with."

With a tough upbringing, he is looking for others that can relate to him.

"Wichita State, SLU, and UAB," he said. "Their staffs all have someone that I can relate to or they have someone in their family that was raised like me. That makes me feel good about it."

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