Loe Talks About His Commitment

Just a few days after making an oral commitment to Saint Louis University late last week, power forward Rob Loe was on a plane from New Zealand to the United States so he could participate in the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland. On Wednesday night, BillikenReport.com caught up with Loe for a phone interview following a practice session.

BR: What was the deciding factor for choosing Saint Louis?

Loe: "How much of a team the guys were. They seem really together. I thought I could contribute to the team. That was the main reason. Coach (Rick) Majerus as well, his reputation and his history."

BR: What are your expectations for your first year with the Billikens?

Loe: "I just want to become part of the team and help contribute to some wins. I don't know what the team expectations are. … I just want to help."

BR: What has the experience at the Hoop Summit been like so far?

Loe: "It's been good. I haven't had many training camps lately, so it's been quite a good run. I'm going against some of the more experienced international players. … I'm learning things, so it's good."

BR: How is the competition?

Loe: "Real good. There are quite a few good big men here from Europe and all over. I'm learning things from them and hopefully they are learning things from me."

BR: How do you describe your game for SLU fans?

"I think I can shoot it. I like to play out of the high post position, make passes to my teammates, take open shots, drive. I just try to do what the team needs me to do."

BR: How important was it for you to play college basketball?

Loe: "It was very important. My mom and dad have always stressed getting an education. I've always put education before sport. "

BR: Was it your dream to play college basketball or pro basketball?

Loe: "I've always wanted to come over to the States and play basketball and get an education. I've watched it on TV and been amazed by the skill of it. I also want to play professional basketball so I guess those are both my dreams."

BR: What stood out about Saint Louis University when you took your official visits?

Loe: "I guess the campus, the living facilities were quite good. Some of the other schools weren't as good. I guess the academic side of things as well, it has a good reputation on the academic side."

The Nike Hoop Summit is an annual basketball game played under international rules that features the USA Basketball Men's Junior Select Team, comprised of the top high school seniors, against a World Select Team with a roster made up of the top 19-years-old and younger players from around the world.

The game will be played at 9 p.m. Central time on Saturday night at the Rose Garden in Portland and will be broadcast live nationally on Fox Sports Net and its regional affiliates.

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