Penning looks forward to 1st season with RCC

Riverside Community College (Riverside, Calif.) tight end Gus Penning took an unofficial visit to San Diego State last Friday. He discusses the visit, what will it take to earn an SDSU offer, his transition to tight end and much more!

Riverside Community College (Riverside, Calif.) tight end Gus Penning took an unofficial visit to San Diego State last Friday.

Penning enjoyed his visit and received some encouraging news, but he didn't leave campus with a scholarship offer.

""It went good," Penning said. "It's only like an hour and a half away so I decided to drive down. I really like the campus. San Diego is a pretty sweet city, and I really liked the coaches I talked to."

Penning is a big fan of the offensive scheme at San Diego State.

"They need another tight end," Penning said. "They run multiple tight end sets. Gavin Escobar is a couple years older than me, and there is a possibility he might be going to the draft after this season. So they are looking for another tight end there."

Penning is completely new to the tight end position as he played wide receiver and linebacker at Jenison High School in Jenison, Mich.

"As far as college, I'm starting to put my hand down, add some weight and play tight end," Penning said. "I'm more of a faster, quicker tight end rather than a big bulky blocking type."

Riverside CC is not Penning's first stop after Jenison HS.

"I redshirted last year at Grand Rapids Community College, so a lot of teams that have been talking to me want to see me play a game before they make an offer," Penning said.

Penning's development as a tight end has been going well, and he seems like he would be a perfect replacement for Escobar after Escobar leaves the Mesa.

"I'm more of a passing catching tight end," Penning said. "I definitely want to work on blocking, which should improve since I put on some weight since last offseason. I think I run pretty good routes, but some routes I can improve on by knowing what exactly is going on outside my own route and how it fits into the offensive concept."

Penning currently weighs in at 245 pounds and is 6-foot-6 inches.

When Penning first started at Grand Rapids CC last year, he was just 225 pounds.

Penning is looking forward to get on the field for ex-SDSU head coach Tom Craft at Riverside CC in 2012.

"It's going to be my first season actually playing college football, so I'm trying to compete at a high level and keep improving throughout the season," Penning said. "I don't really set personal goals, but for a team goal, I'm expecting to win the state championship this year."

Penning's move to Riverside CC was the best possible move he could have made for his future.

"I didn't have any attention out of high school or at Grand Rapids," Penning said. "Everything just happened recently when I got to Riverside."

The attention Penning has garnered is much deserved due to his constant improvement and great height.

"I think [the attention is] because I'm tall and I'm a legit 6-foot-6," Penning said. "I'm real fast and when coaches come to see me, they really like what they see. Also, I've been growing a lot," Penning said. "I keep noticing my shoe sizes keep going up, and my glove size has gone up this year."

Penning has just one offer from Baylor, but he is hearing from California and Nebraska as well.

He is currently being recruited by SDSU wide receivers coach LeCharls McDaniel.

Penning plans to commit to a school this year, and he will have three years to play for a university following his commitment.

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