SDSU Fall Camp: Day 6

SDSU football began two-a-days on Day 6 of fall camp. Top stories out of camp on Saturday was how did the new 4th down theory work, the defensive line performs, huge talented freshmen offensive line and injuries...

"Day to Day" Theory

An hour long scrimmage on Saturday nights practice was the first chance to put Rocky Long's "once we cross the 50 yard line, go for every 4th down" experiment in action.

"Tonight it looked like you should never go for it on fourth down," Long said. "I don't think they made one of them. Tonight it didn't look like worth a darn. It looked like maybe we should have punted, kept the field position."

During the scrimmage the San Diego State was only successful 1 out of 5 times on 4th downs.

"If you made me say after this scrimmage are we going to do it" Long said. "I would say no. We are going to try play field position and all that. Last night when we did it looked like a heck of a deal. We did a better job of calling defenses tonight too. You get used to it on defense."

"I'm not convinced either way yet."

Defensive Line Performs

The defense had their best practice of fall camp on Saturday that most felt was due to the play of the front three.

"I haven't been very happy with them [defensive line]," Long said. "We gave them more help at the line of scrimmage tonight. Put backers on the line of scrimmage. We usually don't do that. Gave the d-line more help by putting outside backers on the line of scrimmage."

Once the defense does that it, it takes the linebackers out of coverage and puts pressure on the defensive backs.

"Tonight we got decent pressure and the DB's played ok," Long said. "If you put five guys at the line of scrimmage and you don't get pressure, guess what happens to the DB's. They get eaten alive. "

Freshmen Lineman

At the end of the scrimmage the offensive line consisted of all freshmen except for Monterey Peninsula CC transfer Terry Poole.

"They are some talented athletes," Long said. "Looks like we got a really good class."

"They are big son of a guns. You see them all walk down the hall and they are gigantic guys. They are not fat. They are not real strong yet but they are going to be monsters."

Wright Discusses Move

Redshirt freshman running back Brandon Wright made the move to safety Thursday night.

"I'm adapting to it right now," Wright explained. "Getting used to it. I'll be able to get it down. It's going pretty good so far."

Why the switch?

"My coached had asked me to, that was one," Wright said. "The second one was that I wasn't really going to get too much reps. This is for me to get on the field right now so switch over to the defensive side of the ball and just play defense."

"I just want to be as good as I can be. If I start then I start if not then I'm fine with whatever role they got me playing."

The move will most likely be permanent.

It's been awhile for Wright who hasn't played in the secondary since his junior year at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas (Nev.).

Toughest part of the transition?

"I haven't back pedaled in over two years," Wright said. "Back peddle but I'm starting to get down now. I had to get my feet right, get my feet underneath me and my opening up and stuff like that."

Finishing Notes

-Redshirt freshman wide receiver Larry Clark was seen working with Adam Hall due to what looked to be a quad or upper leg injury.

"If he [Clark] is with Adam [Hall] then also means it's nothing serious," Long said. "Otherwise he would be on crutches, in a boot or in the training room. If he was with Adam then it's a very minor deal."

-Redshirt sophomore offensive guard Garrett Corbett left practice (ankle) and didn't return.

-The Aztecs were off on Sunday and will resume practice on Monday with a two-a-day.

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