Fresh to death

San Diego State is just one of seven Division-I football programs who haven't had their bye week yet. That changed this week...

San Diego State is just one of seven Division-I football programs who haven't had their bye week yet.

That changed this week.

"It's a little bit strange this week after playing 11 straight weeks and having a bye week this late in the season," SDSU head coach Rocky Long said. "It's kind of a funny feeling. We don't really know how to handle ourselves."

The Aztecs practiced Tuesday like they do on Sunday, which they went out for about half an hour without pads on. Coaches gave them Sunday and Monday totally off.

"We're practicing hard today [Wednesday] and we're practicing hard tomorrow [Thursday] and they're going to get Friday and Saturday off," Long said. "Then we're going to come back and practice like we always do on Sunday."

Jake Fely, Walter Kazee, Dominique Sandifer and Nik Embernate are all banged up and expected to be limited this week in practice. The rest of the team is good to go.

"We're a pretty beat up football team, but of course everyone is this time of year," Long explained. "So if we were playing this week that would be just fine because whoever we were playing would be in the same boat. You can't scrimmage them this late in the season or beat on them this late in the season and expect anything but more injuries. So we got a bunch of them out there limping around at practice, but the last Sunday and Monday off and this Friday and Saturday off will get them healthy."

SDSU should be one of the freshest teams in the country for their last game of the season.

"It's good for our team to get some time off and relax and get some guys back to full strength," SDSU quarterback Adam Dingwell said. "We're just excited though to get out there and start practice and get ready for Wyoming and go out and try to win a conference championship."

Regular season finale

Aztecs plan to begin game planning for their regular season finale against Wyoming on Sunday.

"We're experimenting with some things that we don't normally do to see if they would fit into the game plan," Long explained. "By Sunday, it will be the game plan and we'll go about that normally."

The Cowboys are currently riding a two-game winning streak that possibly could be three if Wyoming is able pull out a victory at UNLV on Saturday.

What concerns does UW present to SDSU?

"They've got a young quarterback that is really good. (He) moves around well (and he) throws the ball well," Long explained. They spread you sideline to sideline. They're a passing team, not a running team. We've had trouble with those guys in the past, those spread teams."

"If they win this week against UNLV, I'm sure they'll come into our game very confident and excited about finishing the season out with four wins."


There has been little talk of the SDSU assistant coaches being on the road this season but that should change this weekend.

"I'm a little different that way than a lot of coaches, I think your primary responsibility is your team until the season is over," Long explained. "We were going to go out Monday, but that was a holiday and none of the schools were in session. All of the coaches will be out Friday and Saturday this week because we're not practicing. They'll be out Friday and Saturday watching games and going to the high schools."

As everyone knows winning only helps bringing in more impact players so has this current 6-game winning streak helped with recruiting?

"I can't tell at this point, but we're way ahead in recruiting," Long said. "We have 16 commitments already and we're not even sure we're going to have 20 scholarships. It depends on whose hurt and can't come back or who doesn't do well academically." "We only have 15 seniors on scholarship, so that only gives you 15 scholarships if there's no other things that happen. We have 16 commitments right now, so we're ahead in recruiting."

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