Game-Time Decisions for Thames & Tapley

San Diego State guards Xavier Thames and Chase Tapley are game-time decisions, J.J. O'Brien was named Mountain West Player of the Week and Air Force isn't the same team as last year...

It's been six days since San Diego State dismantled New Mexico on Saturday afternoon at Viejas Arena.

"We feel a lot better about ourselves this week as opposed to a week ago today," SDSU head coach Steve Fisher said on Monday. "Winning is a magic cure all for all of us."

Could the momentum of back-to-back 21-point wins be wiped out due to the week long lay off?

Fisher doesn't think it will make any difference but it definitely helps in this instance as guards Xavier Thames (back) and Chase Tapley (right wrist) haven't practiced all week.

"Thames is continuing to deal with the bad back, and Tapley fell early in the New Mexico game, and I was not aware that he hurt his wrist," Fisher said in Thursday's press conference. "It's a badly-swollen wrist that we've done everything from X-Ray to MRI. Everything appears to be OK, but he hasn't practiced. So it was good for us that we did not have a game on Tuesday or Wednesday."

Fisher thinks both will be, "game-time decisions whether they play and how much they play."

Player of the Week

Forward J.J. O'Brien was named Mountain West Player of the Week on Monday.

"(Being MW Player of the Week) was big for me," O'Brien said. "It was a big confidence boost. It makes sitting out worth it. But it definitely is difficult sitting out a year, then having to adapt to a new system. It took me a little bit to get going, but I finally found my niche. Hopefully I can keep it going from here."

The sophomore had 12-point outings in both games with a total of 13 rebounds (10 offensive), 4 assists and just a single turnover in 50 minutes of action.

Not Your Usual Falcons

SDSU will travel to Air Force (13-6, 4-2) on Saturday where they'll be playing an entirely different team that defeated the Aztecs 58-56 last season.

"Previous years, they've slowed the pace down and controlled the tempo," O'Brien explained. "This year, they are playing quicker. They're taking open shots when they're there. They're putting up a lot of points as you've seen. So we definitely have to tweak a couple things. It's definitely a different team than last year."

One of the main reasons for the increase in scoring, averaging 11 more points than last season, has been up-and-down tempo implemented by Air Force head coach Dave Pilipovich.

"It's extremely hard to prepare for a team that does a good job in the half court and now they can score in transition," Fresno State head coach Rodney Terry said. "Having older players that have had a chance to run their system for a number of years who can really score."

The Falcons new ability to score in transition will put extra pressure on the Aztecs to get back on defense and defend their Princeton offense.

Air Force is currently scoring 73 points per contest by connecting on 48.4% of their shots (16th in the NCAA).

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