Four Aztecs Not Practicing this Spring

Rocky Long told the media that kicker/punter Seamus McMorrow and three other players were not at SDSU football spring practice due to different reasons and "whether they are on the team or not is up to them."

It was after spring football practice when San Diego State head coach Rocky Long told the media that kicker/punter Seamus McMorrow, defensive back Darius Guillory, wide receiver Larry Clark and one undisclosed player were not at practice due to different reasons and "whether they are on the team or not is up to them."

"There are issues with all those guys," Long said. "Some of its personal issues, some of its team policy issues. All of them have different situations so they all have certain things to accomplish by the end of spring break then I will determine if they are still on the team or not."

None of the four players are allowed to attend practice or step foot in the Aztecs locker room.

Sophomore Stan Sedberry has been running behind Nat Berhe as the backup to the "Aztec" position. Guillory held that position last season where he played in all 13 games.

"I don't know if Guillory was in good standing I don't know who will be second but since he's not, Sedberry looks really good at second to me," Long explained. "You have a real advantage if you go through spring practice. It's a real big advantage."

Finishing Notes

-San Diego State has been dealing with snapping problems for the first two practices between the center and quarterback.

"I think it's because we are using six quarterbacks and three different centers so it's never the same quarterback with the same center," Long said. "So as soon as they decide who the top two quarterbacks are, the starter will be working with the first string center and the backup will be working with the second string center. Majority of the fumbles will go away."

-Offensive coordinator Bob Toledo and QB coach Brian Sipe will choose the starting and backup quarterbacks.

-Sophomore wide receiver Paul Pitts III tore his ACL in the first spring practice last year but is finally back on the field.

"He looks ok," Long said. "When you come back from an injury like that it's more physiological than it is physical. I think you have to get over the fear factor and all that. You have to get back into the swing of things so he looks alright. The real question is on Saturday when he actually starts getting hit."

-The Aztecs will practice with shells on Friday and will be in full pads for the first time this spring on Saturday.

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