Jones Starting to Focus on his Recruitment

One of the hottest names among the Junior College ranks is 6-foot-8 Lee College wing Jamal Jones. There are five schools, that includes San Diego State, are recruiting him the hardest...

One of the hottest names among the Junior College ranks is 6-foot-8 Lee College wing Jamal Jones.

"I'm the playmaker type," Jones said of his individual game. "I work better with the ball in my hands. I'm 6-8 so it makes it very fun to watch. It also shows my ability and versatility. I'm more of a creator, creating my own shots and create for my team.

"I have a good three-point percentage, good midrange and I post guys who are smaller than me. I can score from wherever on the floor."

Jones, who went to Ole Miss out of high school, has developed his overall game since those days.

"I was just more of a slasher in high school and now I'm more of a creator, scorer type, more of a wing," Jones described. "My main positions are the 1-2 and 3. I'm a better ball handler, better shooter and better all around player."

Lee College lost in the Sweet 16 of the National Tournament last week so Jones is beginning to focus on where he'll be going to college next year.

Jones didn't talk to college coaches during the season due to being more focused on basketball than worrying about the recruiting process.

That being said the schools who are recruiting him the hardest are Oregon, San Diego State, Arkansas, Texas A&M and TCU.

The ex-Rebel player hasn't even thought about taking any visits yet. Jones plans on sitting down in about two weeks, after the Final Four is over, and dig into everything.

So far he feels he has built the strongest relationships with Arkansas, Texas A&M and San Diego State.

Aztecs assistant coach Tony Bland, one of the top recruiters on the West Coast, has been actively pursuing Jones.

"He's been telling me that they can use me, ways they can use me and how I can come in to be an impact player," Jones explained. "We are just building a off the court relationship. We have been talking about the things in life."

Through every conversation he has had, every SDSU game he has watched, he has learned more and more about the program.

"I didn't know the basketball program is my type of program," Jones said of SDSU. "It's more up-tempo. Coach lets them play. They are going to be losing a couple guys this year, seniors and possibly a guy to the draft. With them losing those guys they feel like I can come in, keep the pace up-tempo and keep everything like it was."

Aztecs will be losing wings Chase Tapley, James Rahon to graduation and possibly Jamaal Franklin to the NBA draft.

The two haven't talked about setting up a visit but that discussion should take place in the next week or so.

Jones plans to make his college decision by the end of April or beginning of May. He "really wants it" done before May.

"Whenever I feel the situation is right," Jones said of when he would commit. "Whenever I run into it, taking the visit and all that, whenever I feel like it's right and the right fit. I'm not going to take a visit to anywhere that I don't feel like it's a good fit for me.

"I've been through the recruiting process before. I'm taking the visits to get the feel, see if it's the right fit for me. I don't really want to play around with this. This is my last time. I've already been D-I. I just want to make sure everything is right."

What will be the decisive factors in landing the talented wing?

"Trust is the biggest factor then probably playing right away," Jones explained. "I have to play right away because I only have two years. I want to make an impact wherever I go. Not trying to grow into the role or rotation. I want to step on campus, be a big part of the program and be a big part to why we are winning."

Jones has learned a lot since his days at Ole Miss and won't let this go-around slip through his fingers.

"What I learned from Ole Miss is never, never, never take advantage of an opportunity," Jones said. "It can be taken from you just like that. I'm taking advantage of all my opportunities and work as hard as I can possibly can."

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