Ronnie Daniels' Path to a Second Chance

There were no surprises expected to come out of San Diego State on National Signing Day. That was until a NLI was faxed in from former Texas Tech running back Ronnie Daniels...

There were no surprises expected to come out of San Diego State on National Signing Day.

That was the case until 9:41 a.m. hit that Wednesday morning on February 6th.

It was at that time a NLI was faxed in from former Texas Tech running back Ronnie Daniels.

He was on path to earning his second chance.

"I loved Texas Tech because at the time I had a real good relationship with the coaches," Daniels said. "Also all my family went to Texas Tech so I wanted to keep the tradition going."

Daniels described the split between him and the Red Raiders as a "misunderstanding" and not "anything major."

"It wasn't a mutual split," Daniels said. "If anything I would have loved to stay there. It was a coaches' decision."

The sophomore embraced the transition and let it fuel him to be the person he is today.

"After being called kind of fat at Texas Tech when I was dismissed, I took that to heart because I felt I was one of the hardest workers out there," Daniels described. "I really took that personal. I was really trying to work on how to push myself to be the best."

He now stands at 6-foot-2, 208 pounds, and most importantly with a new mindset.

"I know now that there are things I have to change," Daniels said. "To continue to do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results is insane."

Those results will begin by stepping foot on the San Diego State campus.

"The relationship started back when I was a freshman in high school," Daniels speaking of SDSU head coach Rocky Long. "He's the very first person to give me a scholarship. What his plan was at UNM, the vision he had, and he wants to bring that to SDSU. I feel like I can fit right in with that."

Daniels is on path to enrolling to SDSU this summer, as he's currently taking 18 units at Grossmont Community College.

"Can't wait to get out here in June and help out the team," Daniels explained. "They already look good, a lot of hard hits on defense, offense looked good, guys out blocking down the field. I just can't wait to contribute to the team's success."

He was on-hand to check out the Aztecs spring game this past Saturday and liked what he saw from Bob Toledo's new offense.

"I love how they give the running back the ball and give them the ball in space," Daniels said. "They are always looking to give them the ball in space whether it's a misdirection play, a screen, hit them off the edge, off tackle. It's a running back based offense. I loved that."

The former Big-12 rusher feels he will be able to bring a different type of running back that isn't on the Aztecs current roster.

"There are some good running backs here at SDSU but I feel like with me, what I'm able to do; I can bring speed, quickness and power to the table at the same time," Daniels said.

Daniels, a three-star recruit coming out of high school, feels he'll make an immediate impact due to his talented skillset.

"The ability to win, score and be explosive," Daniels said of his game. "I'm dynamic, versatile, something that people hasn't seen in awhile. You can compare me to Adrian Peterson or Eric Dickerson."

While the newcomer will have three years to play at San Diego State, he already has his eye on the No. 2 running back spot behind Adam Muema.

"Whoever gets the number two spot should go to whoever earns it," Daniels said. "I'm not trying to come in and start chaos within the team. If anything I want to try and make everyone better so the best two should play."


"I feel like there is no player that can do what I can do," Daniels described."

The Albuquerque (NM) native has hung out with the Aztecs football team off-campus since moving to San Diego, including his former high school teammate and current SDSU safety Stan Sedberry.

"We are all friendly," Daniels said. "Like I said I'm not trying to start any chaos. I get along with everybody on the team."

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