2014 F Zylan Cheatham lists 25 offers

2014 F Zylan Cheatham (Westwind Prep/California Supreme) updates his offer list and talks about two planned West coast unofficial visits

Playing in the Nike EYBL circuit for West coast AAU powerhouse Cal Supreme, 2014 F Zylan Cheatham has been able to display his athleticism and motor, two things that have college coaches fantasizing about having on their team. Cheatham, who plays at Westwind Prep in Arizona, now lists 25 division-1 offers; Arizona State, Arkansas, Ball State, Boise State, Caifornia, Colorado, Georgetown, Memphis, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Northern Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State, Portland, San Diego State, San Jose State, Texas, USC, Utah, Utah State, Southern Utah, UTEP, Washington, and Washington State. Arizona, Louisville, Gonzaga, Miami, Michigan, and Indiana have all showed interest in Cheatham as well.

In college, Cheatham wants to play for a coach that can help in his quest for the NBA, "I want to play for a guy I can love and hate at the same time, someone who can make me better, and utilize my full potential." Concerning what offense he would like to play in, Cheatham said "Definitely something up-tempo. I want to be able to score and be able to create. Also I want to be able to have the ball and play above the rim, that's where I would be best, I don't want to just be camped out on the block, that's not my game."

This offseason, Cheatham has been hitting the gym daily, "I've been working the hardest on my shooting, putting up a lot of shots and also working on my ball handling. I'm actually on my way to the gym right now."

Regarding when he'll cut down his list, the 6'7 wing said "I plan on cutting down my list at the end of the July viewing period, sometime in August. And as for now, hopefully make my decision before November 17th."

Concerning his offer from SDSU, "It's be great to play for Coach Fisher. He is down to earth, one of those guys I feel like I have known forever. I had about an hour-long phone call with him the other night. Hutson has visited me at school, we go back pretty far" mentioned Cheatham. "Also their style of play, and how they play is very attractive to me. They've been telling me they want to do what they did with Kawhi with me" said Cheatham.

As for any potential planed visits, Cheatham plans on unofficially visiting both SDSU and USC, sometime on a weekend in mid-June.

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