Spartan Army Meeting is April 28th! BE THERE!

Come on out to the next Spartan Army meeting on April 28th at 7PM! It will be located in the gold room at the Simpkins Center at Spartan Stadium! Enclosed are the meeting minutes from the last session!


Date: April 14th

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Simpkins Stadium Center

Game Day Strategy Updates

1. Jane's team discussed some of the strategies for game day. Some particular areas discussed were having kids' tables (i.e. making Spartan shields); partnering with children's clubs (i.e. Boys and Girls Club) providing free tickets, and using them as users.

2. Gayle talked about the parking, still lobbying for tiered pricing. This idea hasn't been too well received by the administration, but we're still trying.

3. The idea of 4 packs (4 tickets, drinks, hot dogs) is being pushed back on by Spartan Shops. Josh mentioned that they stated that the vouchers for concessions is too difficult for them to track!?!

4. We are continuing to pursue the idea of working with Spartan Shops.

5. Junior Spartans is being continued for the 2003-04 season. No substantive changes will be made from last year, however relocating the table to make it easier to find was discussed.

We are continuing to pursue the idea of working with the Junior Spartan organization. John Sakata has been working to contact the organization to present some ideas to them.

6. The big blow up Spartan is on its last legs. May it RIP.

7. The upper deck is still planned to be roped off during the games (except for Grambling, of course). Our goal should be to have to force the administration to open it up due to the number of attendees requiring the extra seating.

8. Game tradition. Gail has been working on ideas for a ‘Game Tradition' which she will suggest to the coach. One particular item came up last meeting: the idea of a cannon at the game. Josh was very much in favor of the idea. Gail has details on cannon cost, $$ per shot etc. She will bring the information at the next meeting. One key comment that Gail made was to have "consistency" with whatever we do. She mentioned how other major program do the same thing each time that is a trademark.

9. Volunteers. Gail contacted the Girls and Boys club and they were very enthusiastic about being used as volunteers. She has also mentioned the idea to several teachers involved with working with kids to meet their ‘volunteer hours' quota. Again, this went over big. Gail (and Frank) will continue to look into other organizations. The next step is to hammer down the details- the first game is before school starts so plans need to be made now to recruit students, organizations, etc with some way to contact them as well as host an orientation for the volunteers. We'd also like to see about shirts for the volunteers.

10. In several instances in pursuing information we were referred back to Chris and his company. Gail and I need to sit down with him and discuss some of these issues – players for pictures and autographs after the game, some sponsored volunteer T-shirts, etc.

11. Before game activities. I need to find out from Josh what type of pre game activities have been planned for the home games.

Marketing and Promotions Strategy Updates

1. Alumni Update

a. When new graduates join the Alumni Association, they will get 2 free tickets to the Homecoming game and an invitation to the Alumni tailgate.

b. Josh will be the primary Alumni Association contact. Richard discussed the strategy of getting the Alumni Assoc. and ticket office working together. Josh has taken this action.

c. Team discussed the need to have a presence at the May graduation ceremony, distributing schedule cards (or magnets) to all families/friends of graduates, and other material to graduates (season ticket info). Josh has gotten preliminary pricing for schedule magnets (they aren't cheap!). The team suggested a smaller magnet. Josh took the action to quote smaller magnets. Chris' company mentioned that he is printing additional schedule cards (we might want to use these if we can't get the something from the Athletic dept soon enough). VOLUNTEERS WILL BE NEEDED.

2. Student Update

a. Josh has started up a "Student Pep Squad" official organization on campus, and is currently searching for student champions to run it. As this organization is official, it is eligible for getting funds from the ASB to address spirit on campus. The team commented that a fraternity or sorority would be an ideal group to be involved with this. It was unclear what, if any, impact this would have for this school year.

b. Volunteers are needed for the freshmen orientations in June and July. For the first time, freshmen orientation will be an overnight adventure. This is a great opportunity to sell them on the idea of attending football games in the fall.

3. Faculty Update

a. Dave Bentley distributed drafts of 4 letters that are designed to go out to different subgroups of faculty. For example, new faculty (< 1 yr service) will be offered ½ off season tickets. Department chairs are being targeted, as are those employees who are donating to the SF through regular payroll deductions.

4. Team Sparta Update

a. Marty printed off hundreds of blue and gold colored Team Sparta applications.

b. Richard took the action to talk to San Jose Chamber of Commerce

c. Dave Bentley took the action to contact Gordon Rooney (Lion's Club)

d. Josh took the action to contact "100 Black Men," an influential organization with contacts at many Silicon Valley companies.

e. Tom mentioned that each Spartan Army member has an opportunity to market this program to the businesses that service them. Special tickets are currently being printed specifically for Team Sparta.

f. The Team Sparta program will only apply to the WAC home games (Grambling is not included). There are two ticket purchase options: (20 General Admission (GA) season tickets for $320, or 50 GA season tickets for $500).

5. Community Update

a. Dale spoke with Steve Jay of Wendy's restaurants (a major corporate partner with Spartan athletics) . Wendy's is very interested in working with SJSU (and Spartan Army) to help promote football interest and attendance. Josh and Dale will be meeting with Steve in the next two weeks to outline plans for how to best work together to achieve a win-win for both Wendy's and Spartan football. Discussed on that call with Steve was: · a Spartan Army presence at major events in the spring, summer and fall (e.g. Tapestry in Talent, Home and Garden Show, Cinco De Mayo, San Jose Auto Show, San Jose Jazz Festival), working the booths at those events, handing out information, or giving away tickets, discount coupons, etc. VOLUNTEERS WOULD BE NEEDED! · having the football schedule printed on the next order of plastic cups (would probably need to include basketball also, as an order of cups lasts typically into May. · specific promotion of the SJS-Fresno football game each year. Wendy's wants to build that rivalry and make it an attractive event.

b. Tom did some research on the Willow Glen Founder's Day and Street Dance. Founder's Day is currently scheduled for Sept. 8th (though Tom heard that it might be cancelled this year).

c. Mike researched booth costs at the Tapestry in Talent show. Pricing was $150 for a corner table, for the entire weekend. VOLUNTEERS WOULD BE NEEDED.

6. Grambling Update

a. Chris gave the team a brief status of the Grambling activities. Groups are contacting his company requesting hundreds of tickets at a time.

b. Josh gave the following pricing breakdown for the Grambling game: Reserved Seating $ 35 General Admission $ 25

7. Miscellaneous Updates

a. Season ticket order forms should be going out in the mail in the next couple weeks.

b. The team continued to push for "family friendly" reserved season ticket pricing. Josh didn't give us a warm and fuzzy feeling about that possibility, but the team feels strongly that some type of family pricing should be available for families wanting to sit in reserved seating areas.

c. Dale displayed the proposed Spartan Army T-shirt logo to the team. It was received very well. Tom suggested a slight modification to the design (this was done). The T-shirts will be available for sale at the Spring Game. The cost will be $10/shirt.

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