Spartans Have No Time To Mourn BYU Loss

The Hawaii Warriors (3-2 and 1-0 in the WAC) roll into town this Friday to meet the Spartans (2-4 and 1-1 in the WAC) in a game that should be extremely entertaining and full of offensive fireworks.

Reflecting back on the BYU game, San Jose State head football Coach Mike MacIntyre reiterated at the Monday press conference that he was disappointed with the way the team played in the first half against BYU. Although he declined to say what he said, he stated he had a stern talk with the team at halftime. Then he said that the 2nd half it was a whole different ballgame and, "it was right there for our taking". He said the Spartans were just a play or two away from winning. He said that but for a few dropped balls on pass routes and dropped potential interceptions, it might have been a completely different game. He was pleased with the team's effort in the second half. He said that those missed opportunities are "just the way the ball bounces sometimes."

With regard to Brandon Rutley, MacIntyre said he said it looks like he'll have a chance to play and "hopes he will be ready" but that it will be "close to a game day decision." He said the team needs Rutley not just for his play on the field, but also because he is the inspirational leader out there. He said he is out at practice and wearing a black (no contact) jersey. He said Rutley would not have been able to do that last week.

The Spartans will hope to capitalize on Ryan Otten, who has become an offensive juggernaut. In the BYU game alone, he caught nine passes for 108 yards.

"Ryan Otten had a great game. Every game he has played when he is healthy, he has played really well. He is getting bigger and stronger. He did some good things in the run game. The future is unlimited for him." He said, "teams are going to start taking advantage of him, but as long as we have those wide-outs out there, he is going to be on a safety or a linebacker, and that is a mismatch."

Noel Grigsby will also be heavily factored in to the offense, as the Spartans are utilizing him more and more. Against BYU, he had 11 receptions for 88 yards and is becoming the ‘go-to' guy for the Spartan.

On true freshman Tyler Ervin, MacIntyre said he was very pleased with his performance. When he came to the program, he thought Ervin would be a defensive player and a return specialist, but with the injuries to Rutley and Freeman, he moved Ervin over to offense. "He was just as fast on that field (BYU) as he is on the practice field. He looks fast and he is fast. We call him 'Crazy Legs' the way he runs. He has a way of slithering and not taking the hit, not because he is shying away, he runs hard. Some guys just can't get hit hard and he has the ability to do that."

After the BYU game, MacIntyre said he called the three running backs who filled in for Rutley up before the team and told them they did a good job. "They gave us the opportunity to win the game, and that shows that they are focused."

MacIntyre said that he is very pleased with the team with regard to penalties. BYU was a penalty free game for the Spartans, and he said in the previous game they only received one.

In discussing the Hawaii team, MacIntyre said that QB Bryan Moniz is a great player, and that they have several great receivers. He said their passing attack is excellent, and not only is Moniz quick with his release, but also is elusive in the pocket. He said Hawaii, "likes to get their guys (receivers) out quick and let them run." He equated their passing attack to "basketball on grass." He also said that they have also introduced more option running plays this year.

The game will be televised live on ESPN beginning at 6:00 PDT.

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