Quick Update on the North Endzone Project

The view in the picture you see to your left is soon going to change. Inside Sparta spoke on Thursday with San Jose State Associate Athletic Director John Poch to get an update on where things stand with the north endzone project

Capital improvements to the athletic facilities at San Jose State are always a topic of conversation amongst Spartans fans. The hot topic coinciding with football season is the previously announced north enzone project at Spartan Stadium, home to San Jose State football since 1933. Inside Sparta spoke briefly on Thursday with SJSU Associate Athletic Director John Poch about the project.

"It will get done," Poch said.

San Jose State is a part of the California State University system and any financial endeavor must go through a gauntlet of bureaucratic processes. As such, final details of the project are not ready for public disclosure.

"Right now we're in the silent phase," Poch said. "Remember, we're dealing with the CSU system and raising $14 million for the project. I've been on the road a lot. When the time comes we'll move into the public phase."

One item that's been discussed is whether or not the mskeover of the north endzone will change the number of seats available in Spartan Stadium. Currently the facility lists a capacity of 30,456 for football and soccer.

"The NCAA minimum is to average 15,000 fans per game to be a (Football Bowl Subdivision) school," Poch said. "That's all I can say for now until we get into the public phase of the project."

Poch did not give a timetable as to when the project will transition from the silent phase into the public phase.

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