Official Visit Wows Talianko

Travis Talianko of St. Francis High School in La Cañada, Calif., was one of the first players to make the commitment to San Jose State. He was finally able to take his official visit to his future school, and gave the visit rave reviews.

When Travis Talianko was offered a scholarship during the summer to San Jose State, he took a few months to think about things, and decided he'd seen enough. In October he made his commitment to the Spartans. This weekend he took his official visit to SJSU and came away even more solid in his decision.

"I really wasn't expecting much with all the state budget cuts," he said. "But I got there and they took us to the nicest hotel I've ever been in. They fed us well and the food was great."

Freshman offensive lineman Wes Schweitzer was his host, according to Talianko. While the big lineman is known for his skills on the gridiron, Talianko found he's also known for more than playing football.

"Everyone was calling him the smartest guy on the team," he said. "He's majoring in biochemistry and wants to be a doctor."

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound wideout came up to San Jose State during the summer for what he called, "a little workout." It was at that time head coach Mike MacIntyre extended the scholarship offer. After a 1-12 season all Talkianko had to go on was MacIntyre's promise that things would get better. After a pair of back-to-back wins over New Mexico State and Colorado State, the SoCal speedster saw the improvement MacIntyre has promised, and he made his commitment to SJSU.

On this trip Talianko was able to see more of the campus, including where he'll live when he begins classed in the fall.

"We were able to see the new dorms and they were really nice, and the library and classrooms," he said. "We were also shown the plans for the (North End Zone Project) and they look really nice."

He also had a chance to meet and talk to some of his future teammates.

"They gave us some time to ask the players anything we wanted," he said. "The gave us some info on how it is and where the program was going, but nobody asked any questions."

A member of the staff who stood out for Talianko was Spartans strength and conditioning coach Dave Forman.

"I can't wait to go to work with that guy," he said.

While listed as a wide receiver, Talianko states that he will most likely play safety when he gets to San Jose State.

"They told me because of the lack of depth at safety I'll play there," he said. "And I probably won't redshirt."

Talianko said he will be on campus in July to begin the Bridge Program, instituted by MacIntyre to give the players a more smooth transition to college life. During the summer the players aren't allowed to stay in the regular dorms, but are able to live on campus in a converted classroom building near Tower Hall.

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