Updated North End Zone Rendering, More

The San Jose State athletic department next week will be releasing updated talking points and renderings of the Spartan Stadium North End Zone project, which will culminate in the Spartan Football Complex and The Bill Walsh Center. Inside Sparta Premium Members get a sneak peek.

Courtesy of San Jose State Athletics

North End Zone Project
Spartan Football Complex & the Bill Walsh Center


Just as the completion of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library transformed San Jose State University, the North End Zone Building featuring the Spartan Football Complex and the Bill Walsh Legacy Center will forever impact the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics. The current center, over 20-years old, was not designed to serve as a comprehensive 21st century athletics facility. The building is not on a par with similar athletics facilities in the Western Athletic Conference and Mountain West Conference – schools that San Jose State competes and recruits against for the top student-athletes.

The brand new 60,000 square foot Spartan Football Complex will be attached to Spartan Stadium and will house state-of-the-art sports medicine and athletics training space, a multi-purpose dining hall, a team locker room, offices for the coaches and support staff, equipment storage, a player lounge, a team auditorium with space for all 450 athletes and coaches, plus meeting rooms for all athletics teams with enhanced video capabilities.


The North End Zone Football Complex and the Bill Walsh Center will be felt throughout this facility on the very efficient footprint for our San Jose State student-athletes, coaches and staff. This facility will create greater efficiencies by further centralizing practice, strength and conditioning, athletic training, competition, academic resources and team bonding activities.

A new facility will create a major culture change internally and externally. To the student-athlete, it is a tangible demonstration that the administration cares about one's well-being and university experience. To local high school and junior college programs, it will signal the football program's desire for continued success and future excellence. The university will gain a highly functional building at its South Campus for selected social and academic events throughout the year. To the community, it will transform the university, the neighborhood and all that have the opportunity to use the facility. The new facility also will become a beacon for hosting town meetings, community events and parties.

SJSU's Athletics programs are currently impaired by several deficiencies in our South Campus facilities.


Today's home team locker area for a top program is big and spacious. The San Jose State home team locker room has 86 lockers, far below an ideal number of 115 locker spaces.

The Spartans resort to using the Koret Athletic Training Center; the University's strength training facility, approximately 75 yards away from the Simpkins Stadium Center, as the game-day meeting area, because it is impossible to see and talk to the entire team before a game, at halftime and after a game in the current home team locker room. Also, there is a lack of open space between the showers and the locker stalls. Room temperatures and ventilation in the locker and player shower areas are hard to manage creating a greater challenge for good hygiene practices by student-athletes.


The Simpkins Stadium Center's athletic training room can effectively service only 25 percent of what a state-of-the art facility can accommodate at one time and has a very small rehabilitation area that is less than 400 square feet.


Today's athletics equipment room facilities are connected to the locker room to ensure better inventory control of supplies and apparel. The equipment room in the current facility is located down the one hallway from the locker room's main entry.


The Simpkins Stadium Center does not have a meeting room that can accommodate 115 players, coaches and staff comfortably, does not have a conference room that can be used as a recruiting area on game days and does not have a facility that professional team scouts can use comfortably to evaluate San Jose State players as future professional prospects.


The Simpkins Stadium Center is not wired effectively to handle current and future video and internet needs of the coaching staff and the student-athletes. The new team video room is equipped with the latest technology, sound, and video equipment with seating for more than 150 featuring drop-down video screens, ceiling projectors, classroom "smart boards" and it will be all wireless enabling student-athletes and coaches to access game and practice footage anywhere in the building.


SJSU has been afforded first-class facilities for our student-athletes when we travel to compete at the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) level. The same cannot be said for our visitors as they travel to Spartan Stadium for FBS competition. The Spartan Stadium visitors' locker room, which has been in service for the past 40-years, has an inadequate amount of space devoted to visiting football teams. Current student-athlete demands in that area would warrant an expansion of space devoted to modern amenities. In addition, there are deficiencies in the design of the locker rooms and coach's areas within the complex. Of particular concern is the size of the visiting team locker rooms that requires the team to be placed in two separate buildings which are inadequately sized to allow reasonable usage by a visiting team. The space should be reworked to improve the layout of the locker rooms to accommodate visiting teams and to provide more appropriate space for athletic training, equipment distribution, media needs and a workable Coach's Office.


The Bill Walsh Institute for the Development of Human Potential will be an innovative center for enhancing human performance, ultimately sharing Coach Walsh's vision of leadership through his teachings, targeting the personal and professional development of student-athletes and adults featuring monthly lecture series, camps & clinics for coaches as well as extensive staff development sessions. The Institute will also provide experiences to enhance the character formation and leadership potential in a multicultural and global society, assisting individuals in realizing their potential and making significant contributions to society. The ground floor of the BWC Institute will provide SJSU with the ultimate fan experience with the "Jeff Garcia Athletic Hall of Fame," the Spartan Foundation Fan Pavilion and a themed memorabilia display of Coach Walsh and other distinguished football alumni of SJSU. The second level will feature the office of the Head Football Coach, a premium conference room and six premium loge suites.


Tom Bowen Director of Athletics 408-924-1233 thomas.bowen@sjsu.edu
John Poch Deputy Director of Athletics 408-924-1739 john.poch@sjsu.edu

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