San Jose State to the Mountain West?

The long sought invite from the Mountain West Conference could soon be a reality, according to recent reports. It would be the culmination of a hard struggle for a football team near extinction, to a move of all SJSU sports to a more stable and prestigious affiliation.

The culmination of seven long and arduous years of rebuilding may soon bear fruit as several sources are reporting the San Jose State and Utah State will soon be extended offers to join the Mountain West Conference.

On Saturday, first reported sources were stating an invite was expected. That was followed the next day with a report by the Salt Lake City Tribune that the invite would be for the two schools to join in 2013. Further, sources have told Inside Sparta the same information.

The invite would be for all sports. Last week IS reported that several sources were saying the SJSU athletic department and within the MWC were less than optimistic the invite would be coming for SJSU. However, when IS spoke on Friday with SJSU interim athletic director Marie Tuite and she dispelled those reports with confidence an invite would be coming within the next couple of weeks. That now appears to be the case. While nothing is yet final, to say this is pleasant news for a long-suffering San Jose State family would be an understatement of the highest order.

Former athletic director Tom Bowen and his staff, including Tuite, restored the flagship sport - football - from almost certain collapse. The once proud Spartans were an afterthought to students and alums alike when Bowen took over in late 2004. Now the entire program appears headed for more prestige and stability as the WAC crumbles.

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