MWC Move to Be Possibly Announced on Friday

There have been numerous reports over the last week that San Jose State will be joining the Mountain West Conference. A press conference has been scheduled for noon on Friday and the official announcement is expected to be made at that time.

As San Jose State fans know, it's been a steady but often rocky climb out of the dungeon for San Jose State athletics, and football in particular. Over the last few years hopes have risen and then dashed that SJSU would be moving out of a sinking Western Athletic Conference. Numerous reports this week have stated the move is now a done deal, and a press conference has been announced by the SJSU athletic department with the expectation that the move will be officially announced, according to the San Jose Mercury News

It is also expected that Utah State will be joining the Spartans in moving to the MWC.

When former athletic director Tom Bowen came on board to revive San Jose State athletics, many were demanding the football program be eliminated or dropped from Division 1 play. Now, with football on the rise in both results and attendance, along with recent conference championships in men's and women's golf, and swimming/diving, along with womem's gymnastic winning the WAC regular season title, SJSU athletics is on the rise, and will culminate with the expected move to the MWC.

There are still some glaring issues that, according to sources, nearly derailed the invite. Men's basketball has been dismal and some fear the inclusion of SJSU hoops will lower the RPI score of the Mountain West. Also, facilities were said to be an issue. However the plans for the North End Zone project, including the Bill Walsh Center, certainly helped in that area.

If true, the move to the Mountain West will greatly enhance the stature of San Jose State athletics and reunite the program with several traditional rivals, including Fresno State and Nevada.

Of course what San Jose State would bring to the conference is a rising athletics program, as well as the huge Bay Area television market.

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