2017 Quarterback Kaymen Cureton commits early to San Jose State

As it stands, San Jose State is locked in with commitments for both the 2016 and 2017 classes.

Earlier this month, 2016 junior college quarterback Sam Allen signed his letter of intent to San Jose State and now SJSU has earned the commitment of a 2017 quarterback as well, Kaymen Cureton.

Cureton had favored the Spartans for some time, but he had also been hearing from Duke, Hawaii and most recently UCF. When his junior season ended and SJSU remained his only offer, Cureton decided to commit to the Spartans.

“I was hearing from other schools, but they weren’t necessarily doing what San Jose State was doing,” Cureton said. “I wanted to be somewhere solid, I’m not really a big offer guy. Toward the end of the season, I was expecting more offers, but I didn’t get them. I figured San Jose State had been the ones that were loyal to me and I decided to be loyal to them. I want to help the program so I committed.”

The 2017 quarterback was recruited primarily by a team of offensive coordinator Al Borges and recruiting coordinator Donte Williams.

“Coach Donte, we talk on the phone frequently,” Cureton said. “When we were at the camps, that’s who I talked to. Most of the time, it was very direct with how I would fit in the system. Coach Borges, he poured out everything. He told me I was his guy, he won’t offer anyone else in the 2017 class. He said I’m the guy he wants and he’ll be waiting on me so that was really great to hear, especially from a coach like him with his resume.”

There will be very little adjustment in learning the offense if Cureton’s path does indeed continue through his senior season and onto San Jose State. At Los Angeles High School, Cureton operates an offense constructed by the same principles of that of the Spartans.

“We actually run the same offense at my school,” Cureton said. “My coach, he played for (Borges) so he took his offense. I kind of laugh when I see some of the exact same plays on TV. When I visited, I talked with coach Borges about the offense and some of the things that would be in place. It was just a lot of fun.

“I feel like some of my strengths are my mental aspect of the game. I feel like I can pick apart the defense and I don’t get rattled. I feel like I’m a good leader. One thing I can work on is my pocket presence.

Cureton has unofficially visited SJSU twice and also camped twice with the school. He is cousins with San Jose State running back Thomas Tucker, friends with Jermaine and Jeremy Kelly (brothers in the Spartans secondary) and previously trained with starting quarterback Kenny Potter.

“When I went up there, it’s the whole environment,” Cureton said. “I felt welcomed. I wasn’t overlooked. A lot of the players were really nice to me, I wasn’t even with the coaches sometimes. I have a relative, Thomas Tucker up there too. He’s been on me. Telling me it’s the right school for me.”

His connections to SJSU made the choice easier for him, but some of his other connections may make it easier for others to make the choice to San Jose State. Cureton will be trying to recruit other Los Angeles area recruits to join him in the Bay Area for the class of 2017.

“I’ve been talking to coach Donte, he actually wants me to recruit the 2017 class so I’m trying to get some other guys on board,” Cureton said. “I’m getting some bites from some guys in the inner city that have that San Jose State offer and have been talking with them frequently. Especially the Polynesian guys because I’m half Polynesian. I’m waiting on some of those guys. I think we could take over the Mountain West.”

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