Commitment impact: Jake Lanski - Kicker

Jake Lanski could earn starting kicker spot for 2016.

Committed over: Only FBS offer, interest from Cal Poly, Memphis and San Diego State

On Film: Jake Lanski appears to have good mechanics - he kicks the ball with a good trajectory over the line of scrimmage and his kicks clear well past the field goal posts. He had a long of 48 yards as a sophomore and feels his length extends comfortably to 55 yards. The ease in which his kicks cross the crossbar suggests that is true.

Recruitment Impact: Austin Lopez was money as a freshman and sophomore, making all 17 field goal attempts as a freshman and 22 of 27 as a sophomore. However, he only made 22 of 41 as an upperclassman. Freshman Bryce Crawford was competing for the position and made 1 of 2 field goals and 6 of 7 extra points before Lopez took over for the remainder of the year. Without a reliable kicker set for 2016, Lanski can likely fill that void in an immediate fashion. He has signed his letter of intent and will get a head start on the competition this spring.

Jake Lanski was once a prized recruit out of high school, but was not the hottest commodity out of junior college. He had many schools on the West Coast including the Pac-12 recruiting him out of high school and he planned on going to USC. After an ACL injury sent him to the junior college ranks, Lanski said he started feeling like his old self during his sophomore season. If San Jose State was the only school to notice, then they got a steal.

Quotable: “They just lost a senior kicker, so the coach said I’m coming into a good situation,” Lanski said. “They couldn’t promise me the position, but I don’t plan on not starting. I believe in myself that much… Anything from 55 yards and in, I’m not going to miss. That’s where I feel comfortable.”

Final Word: With Austin Lopez out, San Jose State needs a new kicker and one that will be more reliable than Lopez was the past two seasons. Signing a midyear recruit allows SJSU more time to analyse their talent at the position rather than scrambling for answers in August.

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