SDSU, WAC Hoops, Step Kids, ESPN Ratings, PCAC?

What does San Diego State, Western Athletic Basketball, Step Children, ESPN Ratings, and the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference have in common? Who the hell knows, but these points of "ponderment" get the brain activity up!

San Diego State and the WAC?

Some really interesting comments by SDSU Aztec fans relative to which conference the WAC or the MWC should really be in SDSU's future.

Please note that the ESPN TV ratings for the WAC last year were 15% higher than for the MWC. Add UNLV & SDSU along with TCU & Houston and the MWC will die in terms of TV ratings.

Thank God for Commissioner Benson, he may not pull this off, but he's really trying to make the WAC a Big Time Long Term Conference!

WAC Hoops?

The current yearly NCAA Basketball payout to the WAC is $3.7million, to the MWC $407K. Also the WAC's TV ratings for the last two years on ESPN were 19% higher than the MWC's rating, not 15% as reported earlier.

So why jump to the MWC unless you have an inferority complex, which apparently some WWAC teams seem to have?

Instead of making the WAC stronger, the WWAC Clowns will be making the MWC stronger and paying them for doing so.

That does seem stupid to me, but I guess that's the result of the level of education which is avaliable in places like Fresno & Boise.

Step Children?

The UNLV program is treated like stepchildren, because the institutions of higher elevation will not work with SDSU (I can speak only for SDSU)to get them a real rival.

They would not support Rick Bay's plan to go after the BCS, they schedule SDSU poorly compared to the oxygen challenged schools and the ozone institutions possess a culture not in alignment with SDSU.

SDSU exists in the MWC for four reasons: 1. Large tv market (by MWC standards) 2.California recruiting connection (vital for the sub zero schools) 3. A warm weather playing venue (much needed in November) 4.An easy travel option for the BYU supporters in Southern California The Aztecs are, at best, lukewarm in their support of the MWC.

Get used to it.

How exactly are SDSU athletic programs treated like stepchildren?

By holding conference tournaments at their venues? By having media days at their venues?


ESPN Ratings...

In addition to the WAC's ESPN ratings being 19% better than the MWC's ESPN ratings over the past two years, the WAC ESPN ratings were also 17% better than CUSA's ESPN ratings during that same timeframe.

Since Politics will be a major factor relative to conference membership changes, perhaps SJSU should pull a Virginia Tech and get the head of the CSU system to push for a conference which has to have all three D1A CSU football teams in that conference!

This is no time to not push every angle, because the SOB Gang of Five sure will.

Only a conference driven by a bunch of Mt Goats wouldn't seriously consider adding the Second Largest TV Market in the West, the Fifth Largest TV Market in the whole country to their Media Weak conference.

Yes SJSU has attendance problems, but there's no media market out there that could give the MWC what the Bay Area would deliver for a conference which has a total current media market for Eight Members which is smaller than the Greater Bay Area Media Market (ie) Monterey to Sacramento.

SJSU really needs to be working the phones with ABC/ESPN to get their support in this conference membership situation mess. Remember ESPN was a Major Player in how the Big12 was formed.

The ESPN/ESPN2 ratings for 2001 & 2002 were: WAC 1.38 MWC 1.12 Also of note a poster stated that he had talked with the AC Nielson Company in New York and even without having top level teams the WAC should get a much improved TV contract relative to the MWC, because the WAC has much better TV Markets! If the WAC holds together it will be the MWC in trouble over time, not the WAC.

But can Fresno State be trusted??

Pacific Coast Athletic Conference?

No; what it would be is SDSU, Fresno, UH, UNLV, Nevada, Boise, UTEP, San Jose (if they can get their act together, which I think they might be able to do) and one other school.

That would immediately illustrate 3 bowls and leave the MWC with 2.

It would also leave the billy goat conference with only 6 teams and scrambling to find 2 more and maybe having a problem doing so if the last team were USU or NMSU). Except for BYU, not many people in San Diego much care about our playing any of the billy goat schools each year, so the Baja Socal recruiting would dry up.

Fact is, one of the main reasons Wyoming does not draw well is because the less than dedicated fans don't care about any of the goat teams outside of BYU and none of the goat teams travel for shit. Fact is, Wyoming get's more fans to a MWC home game than any other MWC school except BYU (and most of their fans are local LDS).

Wyoming was under 14K last season and under 15K in 01. CSU has dominated the conference over most of the past decade and is lucky to get to 31K average.

The point is this - I wouldn't get so complacent. Outside of BYU and AFA, none of the teams in this conference draw worth a damn. The difference is this - SDSU has a lot more TV sets than any other school in the conference and Wyoming has no overwhelming desire to stay bonded to the billy goats.

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