Scout national recruiting analyst Greg Biggins discusses SJSU's 2016 class

Hear what Scout recruiting expert Greg Biggins had to say about the 2016 class.

InsideTheSpartans, Question: Greg, what are your thoughts on San Jose State’s 2016 class and what can SJSU expect going forward after the loss of recruiting coordinator Donte Williams.

Greg Biggins, Answer: "Not having Donte around, there's no real way to sugarcoat it, he was an elite recruiter, one of the best, and he was able to compete against Pac-12 type schools but I do think they are still going to be okay. They’ve got a pretty good class… He was big, but I think they’ll be fine because of their class right now. Jaquan Blackwell is a guy I like a lot at wide receiver, he played for Gound Zero, one of the top 7-on-7 programs out here. I think he’s a potential player that can play early. I’m a big fan of A’Darrus Wilson. Seeing him a handful of camps, I think the guy has a lot of talent. He’s 6-3 and athletic. Cam Smith, another kid from that Corona area, pretty good corner with some speed and athletic ability. Those are all Donte guys, so moving forward they’ll have to find someone to recruit that area.

"Blake Walls I thought was a steal. He was one of the top linebackers, battling some injuries the last couple years, but he’s a really physical, run-stopping inside linebacker. Just real tough, likes to hit. I really like his style of play. Looking at it top to bottom, it’s a pretty solid class. They filled a lot of needs there, but offensive line and defensive line is the one area they probably could have got some more guys. I think you want to get maybe four or five guys on each side of the ball. But the class is pretty good top to bottom."

Q: San Jose State, the last three years or so they’ve had top three classes in the conference, but haven’t quite had a whole lot of success in that transition to the Mountain West on the field. Now that those recruits are going to start becoming upperclassmen, do you see the Spartans start turning those classes into more wins?

A: "Yeah, usually you want to give a new staff three years - the opportunity to get their own guys in their and to teach a system and coach them up. I don’t know how bare the cupboard was prior to the staff coming in, but have to figure by year three they should be winning some games and then hopefully this year you’ll see a few more wins and see that talent transition better."

Q: SJSU is replacing Donte with Andrew Rolin as the recruiting coordinator and Will Harris as the defensive backs coach. Have you had any experience with these two coaches?

A: "I haven’t, but obviously they do have experience. Donte, he was coming from Washington where he was basically an assistant coach but not even on the staff. These guys have experience and I have heard they are quality football coaches so that is a plus. The thing about Donte that was so good was that he had such a strong personality and he connected well. But he worked so hard, that’s the biggest thing about recruiting. To replace him, you have to have a guy that’s willing to be a grinder on the street and go after guys and not care who they’re looking at. If they can do that, I think they’ll be successful."

Q: Well, Rolin did show signs of that in flipping three-star recruits Jaelen Lewis and Montel Aaron in this class. Thanks for joining us Greg.

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