One-On-One with SJSU tight end commit Billy Humphreys

San Jose State tight end Billy Humphreys goes one-on-one with InsideTheSpartans about his commitment. Hear what he had to say.

InsideTheSpartans, Question: You committed to SJSU recently before National Signing Day, can you tell us about your recruitment overall and why you decided to pick the Spartans?

William Humphreys, Answer: San Jose was my first offer in December and later on I got Wyoming. San Jose kind of just felt like home to me and I loved all the coaches. I made my decision (the weekend before signing day) to commit and I’m very excited to become a part of the program.

Q: What were some of the things about San Jose State overall that made you want to go there?

A: I love Coach Ferrigno, the tight ends coach. THe offense they run is perfect for me. I love San Jose as a city. It just has similar things to what I’m used to. I’m going to be a business major so they have a great business school and internship opportunities.

Q: San Jose State currently also has another Billy on the team that’s having success. Have you seen what he can do and do you think you can bring some of the same things?

A: That’s what coach was talking about. He’s going to be a senior next year so when he graduates I’m supposed to be coming in and taking over the spot. So hopefully I can live up to the expectations.

Q: Can you tell us more about your game, what do you feel your strengths are?

A: I’m a balanced tight end. I’m 6-5, 230. I have great routes, great hands, I can play on both sides of the ball. I’m versatile and can do just about anything the coaches want me to do.

Q: San Jose State likes to use a lot of tight ends and fullbacks, how will those packages enable you to get on the field quick and then grow as a player?

A: That’s what intrigued me a lot is that they do a lot with their tight ends and I feel comfortbale doing all that since I had that role at Notre Dame (HS). I feel like it’s going to be an easy transition.

Q: What was the last week of your recruiting like deciding between Wyoming and SJSU?

A: I had the head coach from Wyoming and coach Ferrigno both (visit me). The whole week was stressful on my family and I. Now that I’ve made the decision, it’s time for me to grind out and get ready for college.



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