One-on-One with San Jose State commit Cameron Alexander

Mira Costa (Calif.) defensive end Cameron Alexander discusses his commitment to San Jose State

InsideTheSpartans, Question: What was it about San Jose State that made it your pick?

Cameron Alexander, Answer: "I felt really comfortable being there on the campus and being around the players at the football facility. It really brought me in and I’m really excited to play for San Jose."

Q: How was your official visit?

A: "I visited the campus and I just fell in love with the way it was set up and how it’s located in the middle of downtown San Jose. Taking a tour of the football facilities, it’s just really nice and updated and everything is right there."

Q: How did your recruitment change with coaching changes?
A: "First coach Donte Williams was recruiting me. He was really close with me, visited me at school and at home. He was a really good guy and I know he got the opportunity to go to Arizona. Now the new d-line coach, Barry Sacks, has been talking to me and visited me at school. He’s a really good guy and I see the excitement he has for me playing for him. I’m really enjoying that."

Q: What do you feel like you’ll bring to the DL to help SJSU.

A: "I’ll be a new player out there, showing them what I’ve done at the high school level. My aggressiveness and my speed, and probably getting a whole bunch of sacks and tackles."

Q: Do you have a major in mind at SJSU?

A: "I’m interested in either architecture or engineering. I know at San Jose there are a lot of engineering programs that I’m willing to look at."

Q: What is your height and weight and what does SJSU want you to be?

A: "Right now I’m about 6-5, 225. I don’t plan on growing any more, but you never know. Hopefully when I get there I’ll be 240. I know once I get there I’ll be putting more weight on."

Q: How does SJSU's scheme compare to what you ran in high school?

A: "In high school we ran a 3-4. Talking with Barry Sacks, he’s not sure, because he’s talking with the defensive coordinator about a 3-4 or a 4-3, but either one I’m willing to go in and learn and excel in."


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