Kaymen Cureton still solid on SJSU after three new offers

Los Angeles (Calif.) quarterback Kaymen Cureton received three new offers in one day last week. Cureton committed to San Jose State last December.

San Jose State's lone commitment of the 2017 class so far, Kaymen Cureton, has saw his recruitment drastically rise overnight, but he says the Spartans are still his choice.

When Cureton committed to SJSU last December, it was his only offer. On Friday, he went from one offer to four in a matter of hours, including one from a power-five school.

“I had just recently had a talk with my coach and he was telling me to be patient and that stuff was going to pick up,” Cureton said. “I got the first one with Colorado State without much previous interest and then 30 minutes later Boston College called. I thought, ‘Two in one day, that’s amazing.’ Then later that night Hawaii called me too. I was just amazed at all that.”


Despite the new offers, Cureton confirmed that SJSU is still his choice as of now.

“The commitment is still solid,” Cureton said. “It would take a relationship with all the coaches from another school and get the same relationship or better relationship than I do with San Jose State. They are No. 1.”

More interest has been coming Cureton’s way as of late, including the SEC.

“I just got off the phone with Tennessee, they were really interested,” Cureton said. “He said he was going to give me a call tomorrow and that he doesn’t know if they’ll offer, but he’ll definitely give me a call and stay in communication. I’m supposed to be getting a call from LSU too, I don’t know if they will offer, but that would be big. San Jose State would still be my No. 1 even with them offering.

Big-name schools like LSU and Tennessee usually spell trouble for a Mountain West school like San Jose State, but Cureton is not letting the hype disuade him from SJSU.

“It is big as far as those being what people consider bigger schools, but I’m communicating with the SJSU coaches and I feel like those are really, really good coaches and they’ve built a strong foundation there. I talk to my cousin who goes there, Thomas Tucker, and he’s telling me that everyone has a lot of fun out there, it’s great football and there’s good chemistry. Everything I hear is great, and they were my first offer, so they have a lot of respect from me too. I don’t think anything will change, I’m just going to go through the process.”

Cureton’s recruitment with the Spartans started with a relationship with Donte Williams who has since moved on to Arizona, but that has not discouraged Cureton either.

“He was a big part of my recruitment, but I know it’s a business,” Cureton said. “When I did go up there, since he was my recruiting coach, he did introduce me to Borges and Caragher so I got to talk to them more than Donte.”

The three-star quarterback is following through with his commitment to SJSU and is also following through with a request to help recruit other Los Angeles area recruits. Cureton plans to bring Canoga Park defensive back Chris Lewis and Los Angeles athlete Berdale Robins to SJSU junior day with him

“Chris Lewis, he’s pretty definite on with the move,” Cureton said. “He’s got Idaho and I think another school, but he’s talking to the new DB coach, I spoke with him too and he’s really cool. (Lewis) was saying that the new coach was approaching everything the same as Donte so he feels really comfortable. We’re both going to go together for junior day. My friend doesn’t have an offer, Berdale Robin, but he’s super dynamic… the coaches really like his film so I’m going to bring him with me too.”

Editor's note - Cureton added an offer from LSU within 24 hours of this article's publication

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