Coach Turner salutes seniors in postgame speech: Audio and highlights

Hear what Turner had to say to his 2016 senior class.

Following San Jose State’s 5-3 win over New Mexico in Saturday’s season finale, head coach Peter Turner spoke at a postgame ceremony to salute the 2016 senior class and to thank those who worked with him and supported the team this season, from assistant coaches to his family members to players’ parents. Following are select remarks from his speech, most of which are after the 7:00 mark in the attached video:

- On the senior class: “Sometimes, it’s not too tough to let them go...Seldom do I have a chance to say I’m going to miss every single one of them. They have put up with me and my demands…”

- “Every single one of these kids will graduate...we have graduated every one of our kids...none of them go to the NBA. They come here to go to school.”

- “We believe in three simple things in this comes first, school comes second, and softball a distant third...If they have to miss practice to go to class, they go to class. If they have to miss it for a test, they go take the test.”

- “We laugh with each other. Not at somebody, but with somebody.”

- “We put your welfare number one...unfortunately, too many times, we’re judged differently...on wins, losses and how much your kid plays. What they don’t see is what we do behind the scenes....when you have difficult decisions in your life or your career.” (As an example, Turner recalled discussing with Michelle Cox, whom he recruited to San Jose State from Australia, whether to stay in the U.S. or return home.)

- “We have done so much with so little, and it’s a testimony to what kind of people you are and athletes. I’m extremely demanding that they learn the game and do the right things not only on the field but in life.”

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