San Jose State was first to offer three-star Culver City (Calif.) cornerback Mekhi Ware

Ware discusses his recruitment with San Jose State

Last November, San Jose State became the first school to offer three-star Culver City (Calif) cornerback Mekhi Ware. Since then, Hawaii and Idaho have too. He is also receiving interest from Arizona, Fresno State, UCLA, Utah State, Washington, Washington State and Wyoming.

“I was excited because it was my first offer,” Ware described the moment. “I was excited and it was a good experience for me and my family. I can’t wait to go again for another visit. Coach Donte Williams offered me. The new coach Will Harris came and saw me after Donte left. He seemed to like me a lot so I’m looking forward to hangin out with him more on visits.”

Ware visited SJSU for the junior day and spring game earlier this year. The experience left a positive impression on him about his first offer and a possibility of earning early playing time intrigued him.

“I like the head coach,” Ware began. “The coaches were all good, they were nice, they wanted me down there and seemed hyped to have everybody there. They treat everybody the same which was nice. I talked to Coach Harris and he told me it doesn’t matter if you are a freshman or a sophomore, you have a chance to play. That’s what I like about San Jose State so far, they will play anybody who has the talent.

“Their defense, when I watched during the spring game, they looked good and their corner position seemed pretty stacked,” Ware added. “After watching them, I think they’ll have a good season this year.”

So far, the transition from Williams to Will Harris has been as smooth as SJSU fans could hope, recruits are saying. Ware is one of several to back that.

“He seems like a real good coach and really nice,” Harris said. “It seems like he knows what he is talking about. When I get around him more, I'll know more, but just off first impressions I like him a lot... He came to my school a couple times to watch me practice. I think he would be a good coach to play for the next four years really, but I haven’t made my decision of where I’m going yet."

On the field, Ware can play a variety of positions, but most likely projects to corner. He stans at 6-foot-1 and 175 lbs.

“I’m a bump-and-run corner; I like bump-and-run a lot,” Ware said. “I also like cover-two a lot. Sometimes when the best receiver is in the slot, the coaches will have me play against the slot. I have the length to play corner or safety, off or press.”

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