San Jose State eyes Gavin Reinwald as the next Billy Freeman type Tight End

Elk Grove (Calif) athlete Gavin Reinwald is being recruited by San Jose State as a successor to Billy Freeman at tight end.

Gavin Reinwald's first ever in-person college football game was a matchup at San Jose State where the Spartans hosted Boise State. Now those same two schools are among several vying for him to wear their uniform.

“It’s crazy,” Reinwald said. “I think it is ironic too since both of those schools are looking at me. This is a dream come true and I never expected it to happen. Honestly, if you would have told me the person I am today is from who I was a year ago, it’s insane. I wouldn’t believe it. It’s crazy.”

What has changed in as little as a year’s time for Reinwald? He credits his dedication to improving his body for the next level. In the last year he has added about 40 pounds to his 6-foot-3 frame, bringing him up to 212 pounds.

“I feel like the true reason is that I’ve been working hard, in the weightroom especially,” Reinwald said. “I’ve really mentally focused on the game and focused on getting better by being in the weightroom, consistently lifting, and getting on a nutrition plan to keep me at a high level weight.”

His work has caught the attention of several schools. He holds offers from Army, Navy, San Jose State, UNLV, Wyoming and Columbia. He is also drawing interest from Boise State, Nevada, Cal Poly and UC Davis. His father is a football alumni of Boise State, where they are considering Reinwald as a linebacker.

Most schools see him at receiver or tight end however.

“I feel like I’m a big, physical wide receiver,” Reinwald said. “I’m not afraid of anybody. I’m ready to go out there and compete every single time. I get in a zone, and once I’m there I’m focused.”

Question, What do you remember about your first college football experience at Spartan Stadium?

Answer, Gavin Reinwald:

“My dad met all his (Boise State) friends there. I got to go and see it, the area seemed really nice. Now they are being successful and getting to bowl games, getting guys to the NFL.

"It was ecstatic and a lot of the (SJSU) fans are really into the games. They are truly diehard fans and care for the program. It was a really good environment for me to really understand that these people really love their people and care about who is actually coming in and performing there.”

Q: What has been your recruiting experience with San Jose State?

A: “Coach Sacks visited during spring ball practice. I actually got to meet with him more and he came by twice. I kept in touch with him through spring. About a month later he called me and told me to talk to Coach Caragher. After talking to the head coach, he said they were really interested in me and offering at the tight end / U-back position.

"He really wants me to get down to campus and see what they are doing there. It’s about two and a half hours away from me, so I plan on visiting this summer. I feel like what they are doing, especially at that position, I am really interested. I saw (Billy) Freeman at that position and how successful he was last year. They are definitely a school I’m really interested in, but I still have to keep my perspective open for all the schools.”

Q: Where do you feel that you are at in the process?

A:Currently, I’m just waiting for all my offers come in. I haven’t decided to narrow down my list or put anyone at the top. I’ve been open to every school since I haven’t gotten to meet their coaches, see their campus and the environment of playing football there.”

Q: What do you hope to find in the school you choose?

A:I’m looking for a school to have the college experience and have the environment of being a college student, but also compete at a high level of football and high level of academics. To excel what I do and hopefully be an NFL prospect.”


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