Hawaii defensive end Miki Suguturaga likes San Jose State's academic opportunities

San Jose State is one of the schools standing out to three-star defensive end Miki Suguturaga from Honolulu (Hawaii) Punahou.

San Jose State is already targeting one Hawaiian lineman for the offensive side of the ball and is now actively recruiting a prospect from the islands for the defensive line as well. Miki Suguturaga, as well as Mikey Minihan, is considering the Spartans as one of his top options.

“So far, I really like San Jose State and Utah,” Suguturaga said. “With San Jose State and some other schools like Army, I am interested in the high academic programs they offer. Utah I like because I have family there in Utah, as well as their academics.”


In all, Suguturaga has 10 offers. They include SJSU, Utah, Army, Oregon State, Washington State, Hawaii, San Diego State and Lafayette.

“The recruitment process and season has been pretty fun for me and an exciting moment in my life because it was the first time I felt I could help my family financially and pay for something for once in my life,” Suguturaga said. “My mom has always been paying for my schoolings and major things. When I got my first offer from Army and more came in, I was very excited and blessed to have those opportunities.”

Suguturaga is still learning about the Spartans on the field, but is liking what he is hearing when it comes to San Jose State’s academics and coaching staff.

“I haven’t really watched San Jose State as a football team, but I’ve heard great things,” Suguturaga said. “I do like their colors because they are the same as Punahou. It’s going great. I’ve been talking with Coach Ale and receiving a lot of letters from him and the other staff like the D-Line Coach. I’m very pleased to have met Coach Ale and to keep in touch with him as well.

“They told me about their engineering program. I read up on it after coach Arnold Ale sent me some websites. It was explaining how San Jose State was one of the top public schools academically in the nation. It really caught my eye.”

Coming from Hawaii, Suguturaga will have to wait until his official visits to see schools in person.

“I want to go to a high academic school,” Suguturaga said. “That’s what my mom really wants for me as well. I would be blessed to go to any school that offers me high academics to help me get far in life.”

On the field, he could be used as a defensive end or a hybrid outside linebacker. San Jose State is evolving its hybrid defensive end position, but Suguturaga has not discussed the position with the staff specifically. Overall, he prides himself on his work ethic.

“I like to push myself and see how far I can go with things,” Suguturaga said. “On the field during practice, I always see how fast I can run or how hard I can hit. In the weight room I like to see how much weight I can lift before I fail. That’s one of my strengths, I try to make myself and the people around me better.”

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