Dominick Silvels gets first offer from San Jose State

Silvels details the excitement of his first FBS scholarship offer.

Last year San Diego (Calif.) Patrick Henry High School receivier Dominick Silvels was the assistant; this year he is the main target.

Silvels said he helped several of his friends through the recruiting process last year. One of whom was Mekhi Stevenson, who first committed to San Jose State, but ultimately signed to UNLV. Now it is Silvels himself who is in the spotlight. SJSU became the first school to offer him in June.

“I do have multiple friends that I’m really close with that are really good football players that had offers so I know how everything works,” Silvels said. “It’s really exciting because a lot of people knew the day would come, but there are others who really didn’t think it would happen. Now that everyone knows about the offer, I’m looked at more now and I have to watch what I’m doing because I’m more of a leader than I was before. People are looking up to me so I have to set a good example.       

“It was kind of surreal,” he added of his first offer. “I didn’t think that this would happen. I’m glad it did because it feels like all my hard work is paying off.”

Silvels had camped with San Jose State as a freshman and sophomore, but didn’t quite get on the radar until last December. Earlier this month he got the big news.

My parents knew about it and told me to call Coach Rolin,” Silvels explained. “He was talking to me and I was asking him questions about the school and the football program. He told me he really likes me and what I do on the field.

“He put me on the phone with the head coach and the head coach told me he wanted to offer me. I was ecstatic. I called Coach Rolin and he was excited for me. I was excited for myself and my parents were excited for me.”

What was it that Rolin likes about Silvels’s game?

“I feel that I’m very fast,” Silvels said. “I like to play fast. I like to get the ball, make one move and then go straight and get as many yards as I can. I would say I like long passes better. I feel I’m very dangerous with the ball in my hands. I know how to make people miss. I usually don’t get tackled by the first guy.”

Silvels weighs in at 6-foot-3 and 197 pounds.

With his first offer from SJSU secured, he is now gaining interest from Fresno State, Hawaii, Montana, Portland State and UC Davis. The Spartans are off to a good start on the competition.

“They have been telling me a lot,” Silvels said. “That they are not just a passing program, but they do still pass a lot. They like San Diego guys. I heard it’s a great engineering school. That’s not what I want to major in, but it’s still impressive. I know they have great coaches.

“And Coach Rolin, I feel like he’s a cool guy. I know he’s a great coach. I wanted to go to the camp so we could work together… As a person, I think he is a very cool person. I feel that our relationship has really built up and is getting stronger as time goes on. I feel he could teach me a lot of things.”

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