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3-star athlete Michael Thomas gets first offer, from San Jose State

San Jose State was the first school to offer Michael Thomas, a 6-foot-3 receiver and cornerback at Norco High School.

It was big news for three-star 2017 Norco (Calif.) wide receiver Michael Thomas on Thursday evening - his first offer, from San Jose State.

“I was ecstatic,” Thomas said. “I just felt excited and blessed that a school gave me an opportunity and recognized my athletic abilities and as a student as well.”

Thomas’s primary recruiter, SJSU Defensive Backs Coach Will Harris made the call, then the phone was passed to receivers coach Andrew Rolin, and finally to SJSU Head Coach Ron Caragher who made the official offer.

Coaches on both sides of the ball are involved because they both like his abilities. At 6-foot-3, Thomas earned a three-star rating as a receiver and has over 500 yards and 6 touchdowns so far this season - but he gave defense a chance this year and has excelled at corner too.

“They like me at both running back and receiver, so they want to bring me in as an athlete and see where I fit best,” Thomas said. “I don’t have a preference, corner is kind of new to me and I’m having fun with it.

“You have to be smart to play this game, and through film study on my own along with the detailed practice sessions we have here at Norco it allows me the freedom to just go out, do my job and make plays. Playing receiver has helped my transition to defensive back because I have good hands and ball skills as well and I’m very comfortable catching balls with defenders around me.”

Thomas has logged multiple interceptions this season, including a pick-six.

“It’s a big advantage,” Thomas said of his height at corner. “There’s a lot of receivers my height, but at corner there are very, very few. That gives me an advantage.”

Overall, Thomas is drawing interest from schools like University of Penn and Yale, Montana State and Portland State, Colorado State, Washington State, Arizona, as well as Army. SJSU made an impression by being the first school to make the offer, however.

“They’re the first school to offer me and give me the opportunity, so they're up there,” Thomas said. “I appreciate it. I’m talking with my parents and ecstatic about what happened. It’s really likely I’ll go to a game and visit, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.”

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