Q and A with SJSU signee Sinjun Astani

Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola High School defensive lineman Sinjun Astani discusses his commitment to San Jose State.

Q: Could you recap your recruitment and why you decided on San Jose State?

A: I got my first offer from Northern Colorado in the spring time of last year. I transferred to Loyola my junior year also... San Jose offered me a few weeks before signing day. Then I took my official right away that same weekend. I just loved it a lot. I got a long really well with the other guys. I had some friends that are committed that I know from the area so that helps. I love the location. I got along well with the location. I felt it was the best fit over my other offers.


Q: Where did you transfer from?

A: My freshman and sophomore years I went to a military boarding school in Wisconsin. I played ball there in a low division - not very good competition. So I came to Southern California for that, which is where my parents live. I grew up in the Malibu area.


Q: What other offers did you have?

A: I had Northern Colorado, Ohio, Northern Illinois, I had some preferred walk-ons to USC and Arizona, which were the ones I was looking at pretty heavily… I visited Ohio and I liked it a lot too. For me, Ohio, it was just the location and education - I just didn’t like it as much.


Q: You mentioned you have some friends that also committed to SJSU, anyone specific?

A: My friend Devon Calloway from Oaks Christian committed. I’m not talking great friends, but guys I know from around the area. My friend Jackson Parks from Chaminade, I played against him in our league, so he’s another guy. And then the guys I met on my official visit that I became friends with.


Q: Was there anything on your visit that put SJSU over the top for you?

A: I kind of made my decision on the trip. It was kind of close to home but far enough from home. Meeting the coaches and really talking to the head coach, I really felt he was they kind of guy he could trust. He and my D-Line coach, I felt like the D-Line coach I could trust - that they would help guide me the right way so I wanted to be coached by them.


Q: What else did you like about the facilities and the school?

A: I love the stadium and the weight room. All the facilities were great and above my expectations. I like the school a lot, the campus was great. The area is amazing, Silicon Valley - I want to get in business and stuff like that, so I felt being in that area would also be a great advantage for connections and internships. The whole Northern California and Bay Area is great. I love the campus and location.


Q: Do you feel like your recruitment would have gone differently had you spent all four years of high school ball in Los Angeles?

A: Recruiting wise, I definitely I think if I were at Loyola all four years that recruiting would be a different story for me. But I feel that going to the military school was worth it from what I got from that. I probably would not have been recruited at all if I were in Wisconsin. Coming to Southern California was the right move. If i had been at Loyola I feel my recruiting would be a different story, but I’m still happy with how recruiting turned out.


Q: With the coaching staff’s new scheme, do you know how they plan to use you?

A: It’s an all-new staff so they’re kind of changing it up a little bit. We’re running a three-down D-Line with me in the 4-I - at least that’s what they told me so far what they have planned. Obviously things can change. But I’m excited, I like the 4-I and I like how they have the defensive layout… 4-I is the inside shade of the offensive tackle.


Q: What is your height and weight, and where does SJSU want you?

A: 6-foot-4 and 255 lbs. I’m trying to get to 260 and get my strength up, build some more muscle, get my athleticism up and overall speed. They didn’t really tell me much about a certain mark they want me to be at, but they definitely do want me to get a little bit bigger.


Q: How would you describe your strengths?

A: I’m pretty aggressive. I can get penetration on the O-Line, I have speed and I have strength. I’m athletic enough to make plays and get to the quarterback in pass rush. I also do well against the run.


Q: It sounds like you're headed toward a business major, any specific field?

A: I’m interest in marketing, accounting. I haven’t really picked, but I like real estate. I just know I want to go in that direction.


Q: Any last thoughts about yourself or this recruiting process?

A: The whole recruiting process was a crazy, great experience. The whole point in coming to Southern California, I wanted to play a higher level of ball and get recruiting.. When I started getting offers and recruited it was all surreal to me because I was looking at people getting offers back at home. Then I was at home and getting the offers. It was crazy.

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