(UPDATE!) "Spark The Spartans" Hummer Promotion...

SpartanThunder.com has "scooped" news about a "Hummer of Los Gatos" promotion for 2004 Spartan Football! Read this story for the inside scoop direct from AD, Chuck Bell, and his continuing charge to change the image of Spartan Football...

Spartan Loyalists,

Here is an update regarding the "Hummer" promotional event that took place at the 49ers training facility in Santa Clara last thursday night.

A local winery called www.closlachance.com/frameset.asp supplied free top shelf wine, and great hordourvs were supplied by Chef Diane Rose of www.crimsonrestaurant.com

All attendees were taken on a tour of the 49er building and saw all 5 super bowl trophies, as well as all other aspects of the 49ers.

The presentation was given by Lynda Evejen of http://www.thebuzbeegroup.com

This is a new public relations firm for SJSU.

A student will recieve a free hummer for attending the most games.

A student will recieve a free years tuition and books as a runner up.

William Hung will sing during halftime during a home game, and Latoya London of American Idiol will sing at the end of another home game.

These are the basics of what is going to happen, but get ready for a full blown campaign blitz this year.


Fans of San Jose State!

Here is a letter that was scooped directly from the Spartan Foundation, and entails some direction regarding marketing of the Spartan football program from athletic director, Chuck Bell, and assistant AD, John Glass.

Looks like athletic director, Chuck Bell, and assistant AD, John Glass, are both working on some promotions and thinking "outside of the box", so lets get behind them in 2004.

This letter was sent to members of the Spartan Foundation, but there is no reason why those of you who are not members should not be able to read this message, and be aware of what is happening.

Who knows, it may even spark more interest in those fans who are not members to JOIN THE FOUNDATION NOW!

Now onto the letter...

Good Day,

You have heard us talk briefly about a special promotion that Los Gatos Hummer is interested in doing to promote attendance and Spartan football in general for '04 (and they don't expect any money from the athletic department or you (our boosters) to make it happen.

Their plan, which is quite grandiose, is to get NEW people involved to generate any funds that are necessary to implement the promotion to its MAXIMUM potential.

They are contacting high profile and successful business leaders in the San Jose area and asking them for their support. At the very least, Los Gatos Hummer is going to give away a new Hummer to an SJSU student this year.

Any San Jose State student is eligible, based on consistent attendance at football games in '04. Details are still being worked out.

Hummers will be on display at the games, special prizes will be given to students at every game, newspaper and radio advertising, and more. "Spark the Spartans - Hummer Helps in the Battle for the Gridiron" is the promotion that Los Gatos Hummer wants to make the model for Hummer at other cities and schools throughout the country.

I can assure you they are thinking in a BIG, BIG WAY.

Your most immediate help is needed next week---NOT TO GIVE MONEY---at a special reception that is being held at the 49ers training facility in Santa Clara, from 5:00 - 7:30 p.m., Thursday, July 15.

Wine and hors d'oeuvres will be provided. The aforementioned high profile and successful members of the San Jose business community are being invited. I'm not exactly sure who's on the list, but they are primarily people who are not currently supporting Spartan Athletics.

A public relations firm, The Buzbee Group, LLC (Lynda Evjen, CEO), is working with Los Gatos Hummer to put on this reception and the entire Spark the Spartans promo. They understand our sensitivity about asking our boosters for more funds.

Essentially, they want the San Jose community to embrace Spartan Football, make the attendance requirement and generally get behind the program. And, obviously, they want to help significantly increase SJSU student attendance.

As Spartan fans, boosters, alumni, and the people who hold the most affection for Spartan Athletics and the University, they would like your presence at the reception to share your goodwill and feelings with the "new" people in attendance.

They are asking for our help, basically, to sell Spartan Football and why we want to keep it, need it and love it.

Please RSVP via this email by 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, July 13. Spouses/significant others are most welcome.

In fact, other boosters or community members who you think would be interested are also invited. Of course, several people from the department will also be in attendance. Please make plans to be there.

This could develop into one gigantic promotion for football and the entire program.

Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions.

John G-

(John G is also known as "John Glass" who is the asst AD to Chuck Bell)...

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