Only one word can describe last thursday nights loss to Rice- PATHETIC! Spartans only make "5" buckets in first half, and take drubbing by Rice at the Events Center.

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- I personally attended the Rice game last night, and brought a fellow alumni who lives in Napa as a guest. What a freaking mistake that was!

Never have I been so embarrassed to be a Spartan! This sorry group made only five buckets (10 pts) in the entire first half. Me and my guest slumped into our seats, and rode out the debacle as if we were on an operating table having our internal organs yanked out without any anesthesa.

We will not be back this season, that is one thing for certain. I am not the only one with this same idea. I spoke to "Stormin Norman" yesterday at his camper shell store in San Jose.

Many of you know of Norm as the guy with the blue and yellow beard who does not miss too many spartan athletic events. He has actually passed on buying his season tix this year, and I now see why. It is a sad day when true blue alumni and fans are not even going to the games to support the boys in blue.

The only bright spot last night was when the crowd honored Gayle Kludt, Joe Griego, Andy Grigherri, and a couple other loyal alumni for raising 250K for Spartan Athletics.

Anyhow, here is a re-cap of last nights "entertainment".

Rice Game Re-Cap:

With one of its best defensive performances of the year, the Rice University men's basketball team coasted to a 62-46 Western Athletic Conference win over San Jose State on the road Friday night in California.

On Thursday the west-coast start time of 7:30 (9:30 Houston time) didn't phase the Owls in the least. With the score tied 7-7 in the opening minutes of the game, Rice clamped down on defense and held San Jose State to just three points, including one field goal, for almost 17 minutes to close out the first half.

The Owls were able to build a 26-10 halftime advantage and stretched the margin to 18 in the second half before the Spartans began to make a run. San Jose State closed the gap to four points, 41-37, before a back-to-back three-pointer and mid-range jumper by senior Shawn Tyndell gave Rice some needed breathing room with a nine-point lead, 46-37, with six minutes remaining. A 16-9 Owl run the rest of the way closed out a 62-46 final.

San Jose fell to 8-19 on the year and 3-12 in conference. Spartan guard Brandon Hawkins led all players with 20 points.

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