Services for Brain Injury's Sixth Annual Auction

The auction raised $75,000 for SBI programs and after all expenses were paid, netted $65,000. The Spartan Foundation is proud to participate!

The SJSU football, basketball and baseball coaches contributed towards the success of Services for Brain Injury's Sixth Annual Auction recently.

Head Coach Janice Richard, Assistant Head Coach Patrick Springer of the basketball programs as well as Head Coaches Fitz Hill and Sam Piraro of the football and baseball programs donated two season tickets to the oral auction.

A big thank you also goes to Darren Coehlo and John Twining for carrying out the administrative end of donation process.

The auction raised $75,000 for SBI programs and after all expenses were paid, netted $65,000. This is the most raised in the six years of the event.

I was extremely pleased that SJSU was represented. Not only by the donation to the oral auction but that Coach Sam Piraro and his wife, Joanne, attended the dinner.

SJSU alumni were well represented. In fact, two tables were made up of alums. Mrs Gayle Kludt, last year's Spartan Foundation President, was one of the lucky oral auction bidders. She outbid everyone for a San Jose Sharks Package.

In another, she's seated next to Steve Bonior who is also a SJSU fan and grad and closely associated with the Judo program.

Mary Wickersham also a grad of SJSU outbid everyone for the framed and signed Jerry Rice jersey. I managed to spend money at the silent auction (boy, did I spend it).

Tony Robinson, Western Region Sales Manager for Martinelli's sponsored a table and was a Corporate Sponsor. Tony is the current Men's Basketball Rebounder President.

SBI is the only group and facility in the Santa Clara Valley who deals with the traumatically brain injured. I became involved with them after my brother Steve became disabled in 1993 from a stroke during brain surgery.

Some information about SBI. Their website is:

SBI's Mission:

To assist brain injured people to reach their highest level of independent living through accessible, affordable services, and to provide support for their caregivers.

Why we exist:

To help people who have sustained a traumatic brain injury with re-education, advocacy, counseling, and job training so that quality of life and maximum independence is attained for both the person with the injury and his or her family. And, to aid the community in the prevention of brain injuries.

Who we help:

A minimum of 50 people per day in programs; a minimum of 500 people per year in support services; and 10,000 children in prevention projects. Injuries are from auto/motorcycle accidents, falls, near-drownings, strokes, inappropriate medications, tumors, strokes, aneurysms, assaults, or sports-related accidents; average age is between 18 and 40; and population is culturally diverse--20% Hispanic, 10% Black, 15% Asian-Pacific Islander, and 55% White, Non-Hispanic. 80% of caregivers are women.

How SBI helps:

Daily programs teaching self-care, academics, computer-aided learning, and socialization; speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical exercise and education; independent living skills training in cooking, home and money management, crafts, and volunteerism; vocational testing and evaluations, job training, job placement, and on-the-job coaching; advocacy for housing, acquisition of entitlements, and transportation; counseling for clients and his or her family members, and after-care support groups; prevention posters, plays, and presentations to schools/faculty.

Thank You,

Nancy Billings SJSU Alumnus.

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