SpartanThunder and form Alliance!

The alliance of both the officially NCAA sanctioned web site at and this individually ran private fan site ( is a first amongst all NCAA D-1A schools! The positive affects that this partnership is creating is being felt throughout the SJSU community.

Fans of SJSU athletics,

Today we are proud to announce that and the official web site of SJSU athletics has formed an informal agreement and alliance.

The combination of and is already yielding positive results. Most notably in regards to the recent "Spartan road show" held in the southern california city of Irvine.

Associate athletic director, Mark Harlan, was quoted as stating "many fans came up to us at the event and said that they had heard about the spartan road show on Spartan!". is also now the official "second voice" for

The athletics administration has recently asked us on a quite regular basis to publish stories found exclusively on

You will now notice that we are running nearly every story publsihed on on the front page of

The media power that this is generating will only enhance as AD Tom Bowen and his staff (Assoc AD Mark Harlan, Sr Assoc AD John Glass, Asst executive director Bill Penrod, and Director football operations Bill Hall) continue to make progress in the months ahead.

The power this newly formed strategic alliance is providing will trickle through out the SJSU community, and is predicted to provide the general population fan base with many more positive affects in the near future.

In order for the SJSU fan base to further develop, more long-term strategies have been discussed between the SJSU administration and

Exploiting the corporate market in silicon valley and on the west coast is crucial, and with the combined efforts of both sites we expect the visability to rise dramatically for SJSU athletics in general.

We here at encourage such initiatives, as to increase local community support for SJSU athletics. This informal alliance will help to get the word out about SJSU athletics to local schools, clubs, and the media. It also has potential to further widen the traditional supporter and booster fan base.

We believe that only a high quality product can attract more fans, and this newly formed alliance brings to the SJSU community a vehicle of communication that will further advance the long term strategic goals of the SJSU athletics administration.

More news to come on this alliance, as both parties continue to brain storm together for the advancement of the success of San Jose State athletics.

Regards and Go Spartans!

Anthony Rocca-

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